Top tips for standout signage

By Greg Bell

When it comes to signage, there are a few rules to play by to make sure your message isn't lost in translation. Here are our top tips for standout signage.

Simplicity is key

You have less than three seconds to hook in a potential customer with your signage. A simple and legible font will allow your audience to quickly read your sign and not think too hard about the message you are putting across. Calligraphic styles can often be challenging to read, especially for those with dyslexia, a condition affecting some 10 per cent of the Australian population, according to the Dyslexia Association.

If your signage is handwritten, make sure letters are easily identifiable and not too abstract – while artistic license is encouraged to make your sign stand out, it still needs to be practical and make sense. Fonts that are sans-serif are straight forward and easy to read, and offer plenty of room for manipulation and expression.

Know your audience

Understanding your customer base is key in any marketing strategy, including signs. If your brand caters primarily to the elderly, keeping a readable font size with a thicker weight will take a bit of strain off aging eyes. This needs to be reflected when considering your personal brand too. For example, a traditional sailor script you'd find outside a tattoo studio may not suit the professionalism of an accountancy firm.

Maintain your colour scheme

Most businesses have a specific colour scheme that is personal to their brand, and your signage shouldn't be exempt from this. By maintaining a colour scheme across all marketing collateral, including social media and your signage, you create a recognisable brand personality that will instantly resonate with your customers. This applies to logo use too – if your brand has an identifiable emblem, consider using it as part of your signage design, or install a small, subtle light box by your entrance.

When it comes to colours, a definitive contrast is key to maintaining audience attention and keeping fonts legible. A bold graphic with a neutral background will draw the eye to the design.

Light it up

Illuminated signage is a must, especially if your business is evening based such as a bar or restaurant. Including neon lights as part of your sign is a great way to draw attention to your business in the dark, as well as being an energy efficient option. If you're not a fan of the neon look, placing LED lights inside a white light box with black typography will stand out at night, and is a tasteful way to illuminate your sign without being too demanding.

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