How colour psychology should influence your marketing

By Greg Bell

Choosing the right colour scheme – for everything from your signage to your shop layout – can have a profound effect on how your shoppers perceive your brand. Using colour wisely helps you to convey a particular message to your customers, and may influence their engagement and buying activities.

What should you consider when marketing your Gold Coast commercial business?

How does colour use affect consumer perception?

Emotional connection

Different colours evoke different feelings in your customers. Blue, for example, is known to promote a sense of trust and loyalty, while white is associated with cleanliness and hygiene. Something pink and glittery may not feel serious enough for certain consumers.

Brand recognition

Colour plays a large part in a customer’s ability to recognise your brand. If you change it up all the time, they’re unable to associate a particular colour with your business, or recognise your company when they see your branding outside of your shop environment.

Enjoyable shopping

Unless it’s part of your quirky appeal, a mish mash of tones may feel unnatural and off-putting. The right combination of colours in your shop can encourage buying, or make your prices seem more appealing.

What colour scheme should your Gold Coast commercial property use?

The difficulty with selecting a colour scheme that talks to your customers in a certain way is that not all consumers have the same emotional connections to particular shades. Past events or relationships could change their perception and reaction. However, certain colours are generally agreed to encourage a certain effect.

Orange: Orange is associate with energy, creativity, originality, confidence and positivity. It also evokes feelings of fairness – which is great for supporting your pricing strategy.

Red: Red is a confident colour that ranges from love to danger so needs to be used properly. Lots of brands find success with red when used in the right dose – especially food brands as it’s supposed to make us feel hungry.

Blue: Blue conveys peace, trust, loyalty and calmness – often used by financial companies or organisations that need to be perceived as reliable.

Yellow: Yellow is cheery, energetic, positive and attention-grabbing. A popular colour for fast-food chains, yellow’s energy can increase hunger levels and encourage catering purchases. It can be overwhelming though, so choose your shade or usage wisely so as not to shock your customers!

Green: Green has come to be associated with nature, eco-friendly products and sustainability. It’s linked to positivity and harmony too, so it is a soothing colour experience.

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