Should your business invest in an electronic key system?

By Greg Bell

Whether you choose to install an alarm system, or hire a security officer, safety for people and products is one of the most important factors in any Gold Coast business. For companies with high value assets like jewellery stores, or hotels, an electronic key control system might be the answer to their security.

What is an electronic key control system?

An electronic control system usually consists of a cabinet or locker that helps in tracking where different keys are and who checked them out last. They allow for a digital paper trail of what employee is using what key, reducing the need for tedious tracking of individuals. Furthermore, many systems let business managers allocate certain keys to particular staff members, meaning they can only be accessed by intended parties. Key withdraw can be regulated with pin codes or fingerprint scanners, and can even be set on a timer for return. If a key isn't returned on time, a notification is sent to managers, allowing them to touch base with the last person who had it, and follow up on the lateness.

Does my business need an electronic key system?

The flexibility and ease of modern control systems makes them an attractive feature to include in Gold Coast commercial security plans and crisis prevention. That being said, not every business is going to need or benefit from a control system, and they should only be considered if potential risks in your operation may be mitigated by effective key management. These risks may be indicated by:

High-end products

A control system is a great security measure to implement for car warehouses and stores specialising in designer goods. For one, a control system is the perfect storage for vehicle keys, especially for dealerships with sought-after cars. This is effective staff management, too – you can program your system to only release keys with certain codes, such as the PIN allocated to an employee working on a particular day.

Unsolved thefts or product disappearances

If there have been a spate of thefts in your store with no leads on suspects, you may be dealing with an inside job. Especially if your products are behind lock and key, such as jewellery or other items, you may find that an employee is behind the crime. An electronic system lets managers know exactly who has what key, as employees will need to provide some form of identification to access a key in the first place.

A high guest or customer turnover

For hotels in particular, a high number of people are coming in and out of the premises daily. It's important to not only guarantee the safety of your guests, but your staff, too. For example, a hotel master key getting into the wrong hands is a massive security breach, and could result in theft.

In these instances, your business would be liable for damage to guests property, as well as covering your own losses. A robust electronic control system prevents the loss of keys in the first place, and even if one manages to slip away, it won't be unknown for long as you'll be notified if it isn't returned by the correct person, or within an allocated time-frame.

Ultimately, you know your own business, and the security measures needed to keep you, your staff and your premises all safe and operational. Though it may seem pedantic, it always pays to explore security options and prepare a clear crisis management strategy, just in case the worst-case scenario happens.

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