What businesses need a security officer?

By Greg Bell

It's no secret that many businesses are the target for theft – some more than others. Here, we break down what Gold Coast commercial properties need a security officer, and how your business can benefit from hiring this role.

Does my business need a security officer?

Before hiring a security officer for your business, you first need to determine whether bringing this role onboard is not only financially feasible, but that there is a clear indication of risk. Such indicators include:

  • History of theft
    For many small businesses, theft is unfortunately part of the territory. If merchandise is disappearing frequently, however, it may be an indicator that your business is a target for thieves. 
  • High crime area
    If multiple businesses in the nearby vicinity have had thefts, it's likely that your business is being eyed up, too. Even if your business hasn't been stung by theft, it's a wise idea to sharpen up your security to mitigate the risk.
  • Product liability
    Some products are more liable to theft than others, including designer wares, alcohol, and jewellery.

Another factor to consider is whether your employees feel safe. Those working on the shop floor will have first-hand experience of day-to-day incidents. If they're not feeling safe in the workplace, it's up to you as an employer to support them where possible. Bringing a security officer into the fold may help ease any fears your employees may have about theft or other incidents.

What can a security officer do for my business?

Aside from handling theft and intimidating incidents, there are many different benefits a security officer brings to the table in a commercial environment.

Crime prevention

One of the great things about having a security officer posted outside your Gold Coast retail space is that they're instantly recognisable. This may be intimidating to potential thieves, and make them reconsider what they're about to do. For bars and other businesses that sell alcohol in particular, this is of a great benefit as the security officer can ban intoxicated or aggressive individuals from entering the premises and disrupting your other patrons.

Helping your customers

A security officer helps your customers in more ways than preventing dangerous situations from escalating. A person in this role may help direct your customers to different parts of the store and help with general queries. For those in bars and restaurants, patrons may appreciate having an officer walk them to their car after their meal, particularly if it's dark outside. This also acts as great PR for your business – having a high quality safety experience is sure to encourage people to walk through the door as they know there's an extra level of care on the premises.

Monitoring footage

For many business owners, there simply isn't enough time to comb through security footage at the end of a day to determine the cause of any stock discrepancies. A security officer can stay on the desk, keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity, with the time to rewind and review if necessary. Having a specific person appointed in this role means they can keep an eye out for any familiar faces of those associated with thefts in your store or the wider area, and monitor these people to ensure they aren't swiping products from your shelves.

Bringing on a security officer will, of course, incur extra costs. For this reason, it's important to weigh up whether this role is vital for your store, and whether there is a great return on investment. When it comes to loss prevention and safety in bars and jewellery stores, this role is definitely one to consider seriously.

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