Preparing for an office relocation

By Greg Bell

Sometimes it's necessary to move offices, whether it's about space, location or budget requirements. Whatever the reason for an office move, it's a big task given the amount of equipment an average office contains. There are a few ways you can make it easier though.

Why a good plan makes your office move more efficient

If you're hiring professional movers, you'll likely be paying for time. So it saves you money if you can make the move as quick as possible. Having a good plan means everyone knows what needs to go where, and can get on with it easily.

As part of your plan, make sure you know how you'll get access to both buildings and where the best elevators or stair cases are to minimise downtime. It's also worth labelling as much equipment you can, so anyone can pick it up and move it without having to wait to find out where it needs to go.

If you have the opportunity, visit the new premises and design your office layout so not only does everything get moved on the day, it also gets put in the right place. This means you stand a much better chance of everyone getting back to normal productivity quickly.

Packing for an efficient office move

The best way to pack is different according to what equipment you have, and who is going to be there when you move. You might opt to pack by department, or by type of equipment. If your whole team is there on the day, department boxes work well as everyone can take responsibility for their own stuff. Meanwhile, if your IT team are going to set everyone's computers up for them, packing screens, keyboards and other equipment together might make for a quicker set up.

Also, encourage everyone to label every single box with detail, so it's easy to find things quickly at the other end. You might want a master sheet so no one has to look at the label on every single box to find out what they need but rather can go straight to the right one.

If you are working with professional movers, get them to send you additional packing materials so you can protect fragile items – you don't want broken equipment to delay getting everyone set up again.

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