How to improve the air quality in your office

By Greg Bell

There's nothing better than fresh air to help you shake off stress. While many of our workplaces don't allow for natural airflow, there are steps you can take to clear the air. Improving the air quality in your Gold Coast commercial property can help in retaining happy and engaged employees – here's how.

What are the benefits of improved air quality?

On average, Australians spend 33 hours per week at work, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. For office workers in particular, the air quality in work environments need to be of a high standard not only for the health benefits, but to maximise productivity too. A Harvard study revealed that those who operate in well-ventilated offices with a good quality of air have a higher cognitive function at work, and reduced absenteeism.

For those who work in high rise offices, access to airflow isn't as simple as opening a window. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to improve the quality of air in your commercial property.

1. Clear out the air vents

Many buildings rely on ventilation and air-conditioning to maintain a reasonable temperature to work in. Over time, however, these vents can become blocked by dust, which in turn circulate particles around the office. Regularly cleaning your vents before dust gets a chance to settle ensures that the air flowing through will be much cleaner. If your vents are lower or ground level, check that there is no furniture blocking it – this can disrupt circulation and pollute the quality of air even further.

2. Invest in some plants

Plants are a beneficial addition to any office for a range of reasons. They act as a noise barrier to boost productivity, and have been proven to reduce stress by bringing nature into everyday life. More importantly, plants significantly increase the quality of air in a space. Plants naturally convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, meaning the more plants you have, the more fresh air you'll have to enjoy in your office. 

3. Keep things tidy

The best way to achieve easy breathing is by maintaining a clean and tidy office. As well as making sure the office is on top of waste and keeping green cleaning habits, regularly vacuuming floors and wiping surfaces dusted ensures that airborne pollutants are kept to a minimum. Non-toxic cleaning products are best practice when it comes to fresh air quality – chemical cleaning agents such as bleach leave harmful toxins in the air. 

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