4 tips for keeping Gold Coast employees happy and engaged

By Greg Bell

Managing your day-to-day business activities is one thing, but keeping staff happy and keen to stay with you is another. No matter the type of Gold Coast business you own, there are a few ways to keep your team satisfied without a huge financial cost.

1) Flexible working arrangements

Especially amongst staff with families and other commitments, the freedom to work flexibly on occasion is often hugely appreciated. Whether it be working from home, swapping their days or changing their hours, being flexible can help your staff manage their work life balance. It also shows you trust them to do their job without looking over them.

You can put a few rules around it, such as in-person attendance at certain meetings, if you feel it's important for business operations. 

2) Refreshment facilities

Providing adequate tea, coffee and snacks keeps your team's energy levels up. It shows that you care that they are comfortable and in the best frame of mind to approach their work. It also saves them money and time spent making or buying their refreshments, without putting too much pressure on your finances.

You could also look at providing a weekly team lunch or morning break to increase your offer without committing to a daily banquet. This option provides an opportunity for everyone to come together and socialise as well.

3) Increase annual leave

There are some sums to do before deciding whether to provide additional annual leave, but the message it sends out is loud and clear. By giving your employees a couple of extra days off, you give them an opportunity to rest and recuperate, and come to work refreshed and invigorated. Your staff will see that you value their wellbeing and their input. You could also consider allowing your team to purchase extra holiday if that works better for you.

4) Support fitness goals

A healthy workforce stands a much better chance of keeping your sickness absence down and injecting energy into their role. Look at discounted gym memberships, lunchtime exercise classes or post-work run clubs to see if you can offer some form of fitness benefit to your employees.

There may be someone in the local community willing to offer a discounted deal if you can commit to a large number of attendees, or who's looking to build their experience and profile.

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