3 things to keep in mind before branding your business

By Greg Bell

Choosing the branding for your business is just like finding the best commercial property for it to operate in – it needs to be a perfect fit to be a success. To achieve the best branding, however, you need to reflect on not only your business identity, but your audience and the goals for your company. Here are three things to think about before you brand your business.

1. Your identity

Ultimately, your branding is going to serve as the face value of your business – the story that it tells is incredibly important. Having branding that closely reflects the identity of your business helps your customers understand your vibe and fosters familiarity. Furthermore, the story that your name, logo and tagline tells should be cohesive and appropriate for your business. Whether you're a sharp, energetic business, or a family owned company, your branding should reflect this through marketing collateral and exterior signage design.

2. Your audience

To achieve the best branding for your business, you not only need to look at your own identity, but that of your audience too. A great way to determine the feelings and interests of your audience is to develop a user persona for them, which you can then use when planning your branding. This user persona can be derived in a range of ways, from intuitively tracking data and audience interactions through a mobile app, to drawing conclusions based on what you know about the demographic.

For example, if your business specialises in hunting and fishing equipment, you can assume that generally your audience may be masculine, interested in the outdoors with a laid back approach to life. Translate this directly into your branding – you don't need to provide all the bells and whistles if your audience won't respond to it.

3. Your goals

The objective of your business will differ depending on the nature of your company, however if you're in retail, profit is the name of the game. While professing your love for money isn't necessarily the best way to tackle your business branding, digging a little deeper to consider the other goals of your business might unlock collateral gold. If you're selling a product, step out of your own shoes when thinking about why you're selling it, and instead look at what it will do for the customer. Will it relax or inspire them? By channeling your intended results into your marketing, you can give customers a clear idea of where you're headed – even if you're not quite there yet.

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