Why the Gold Coast is the best place to base your business

By Greg Bell

The Gold Coast is progressing well with its new City Plan, and it is providing great encouragement to the green future of the region. There are innovations being discussed and more efficient solutions to existing issues that will be a great boost to businesses.

On the back of these announcements and the projected development of the Gold Coast, giving your business a base in the south-east of Queensland could be a sound leap forward. Industrial leasing on the Gold Coast will also see the benefits of a more environmentally-friendly outlook with cleaner, greener strategies.

Retail is a beautiful market

As the city grows and becomes more developed, the need for a strong base in the economy is of the utmost importance.

The National Institute of Economic and Industry Research (NIEIR) lists retail trade as the largest sector of the Gold Coast economy. In fact, 35,363 jobs were created by the retail sector in the 2013-14 financial year.

With retail standing firm on the commercial market, there is encouragement for existing businesses to branch out into a store on the Gold Coast, and for a new business trying to find the best location to break into the successful stream, look no further than retail leasing on the Gold Coast.

Couple the historical retail successes with the wonderful natural beauty of the region and you have a winning formula.

"We have a lifestyle that is envied globally, our beaches are world famous and our hinterland is pristine," said Gold Coast Tourism Corporation CEO Martin Winter.

The natural beauty of the city is also predicted to drive population numbers up, with a Gold Coast City Plan factsheet projecting an increase of 320,000 in population over the next 20 years.

"Queensland is endowed with incredible natural assets and has developed thriving city precincts in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast," said John Greig, Deloitte Queensland managing partner.

"Business needs increasing returns to deliver growth, and driving innovation and raising productivity grows profits and return on capital invested."

Environment at the forefront of discussion

Protecting the region's beauty as development on the Gold Coast continues means building green. The mayor of the Gold Coast, Tom Tate, has suggested that the new City Plan will be in keeping with upholding the natural aesthetic in the area.

"The over-riding principle of this new plan is we need to build up, not out, so we remain a great place to live, work, invest and play."

Mayor Tate also stated that there is an increased focus on removing vehicles from the roads in the city. Less cars means less emissions and a cleaner environment.

"The high density growth will be concentrated in areas serviced by the light rail and bus networks. This makes sense as it minimises the need for more cars on the road. Minimising future vehicle traffic movements assists in protecting our enviable lifestyle."

There has also been the recognition of the environment around the Gold Coast, and how safety measures need to be accounted for when developments are planned. Landslides, bush fires and flooding are just some examples that will see improvements in planning, and a safer city will draw even more visitor traffic.

A stronger economy is also in the mix of the City Plan, and outlining where jobs and housing will be zoned is a great step for business owners to take note of. A section of the City Plan states that 16 per cent of all jobs in the Gold Coast region will be based in Southport. Looking towards leasing commercial property in areas that the city council is highlighting as the future of Gold Coast success is a sound idea.

The specialists in the region at Ray White Surfers Paradise will be able to help you with all of your commercial property purchasing and leasing, so get in touch today.

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