Why the Best Method of Sale Matters

By John Highman

As an investor in commercial property, you probably know there are different ways to sell a property. Choosing the right method of sale is critical to getting enquiry and encouraging a sale in a timely way.

As the property market is always changing, real estate agents should adjust the methods of sale used for each property taken to the market. 

Ultimately the seller of the property wants the best price in the shortest period of time. That is wise, considering a property that stays on the market for too long will soon become ‘stale’.

What are the Methods of Sale?

The best methods of sale for selling a commercial property are those that match the property type to the target market. The method of sale will then give the property some real momentum in moving the marketing campaign forward.

The typical methods of sale are:

  • Auction
  • Tender
  • Expressions of interest
  • Sale at a price
  • Sale by negotiation

The first three commercial property sale methods are the best because they timed marketing campaigns and create the most enquiry in the shortest period of time.

When you are about to sell a commercial property, your agent should give you a definite plan for what can happen. They then give you clear recommendations, so you have some choices as a property owner to move ahead.

Here are Facts About the Sale Methods

These facts will support your property sale process. Your selected agent should talk to each and give you further information before you make a listing choice.  When you are informed, you will know what your property sale can do and why you are taking steps.

  1. Attracting enquiries – The method of sale you choose should attract plenty of enquiries, providing the right target audience is set. As your agent, about the target audience and how they will attract enquiry.
  2. Property features – Given your property today, what are the sales features? Four or five sales features should be fed into the marketing message and all campaign activity. Ensure that the features of your property are considered and set into the marketing campaign. The marketing campaign can then be approved.
  3. Getting the message out – Every property promotion involves a timed campaign across 60 or 90 days.  Budgets will be set for that, and you will choose where the property will be promoted. There will be a marketing budget that should be explained to you so you have marketing cost choices.
  4. Online, Offline, and Direct Marketing – Each property should be promoted across many marketing channels. Online promotions are common, and traditional promotional methods such as newspapers, signboards, and local area campaigns will also be used.

Given the above items, your commercial real estate marketing process should be constructed, allowing for the property, the market circumstances, and the target market.

If you need help selling your commercial property for the best outcome today, call us for a confidential discussion.

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