Why maintenance is critical for commercial properties

By Greg Bell

As a commercial property owner, you understand the value of making sure your buildings both look good and work well inside and out on an ongoing basis. To make sure your building keeps meeting the needs of the public and your tenants, you have to prioritise regular maintenance to ensure functionality and keep tenants happy. 

Why is it so important? There are a number of reasons, including the following:

Spot small problems before they become big ones

There may be many little things that can go wrong in a commercial building, from a leak in the roof to a plumbing problem, Perma Pier cautioned. With regular scheduled maintenance and inspections, the odds that something passes your notice before it becomes a big, costly repair job is significantly reduced. Some of this can be done once a year, and others should happen more frequently.

Cut utility bills for yourself or your tenants

If you're not properly maintaining your building, it can be a costly mistake. Broken seals around windows and doors, inefficient HVAC systems, leaky pipes and more can all lead to higher energy or heating bills throughout the year, but regular maintenance means that won't be as much of an issue.

Weather the storms

If there's a small problem with your building that you haven't addressed in a while, it might stay small for some time to come. However, Home Business magazine notes that if there's a big weather event or other disaster that befalls the property, your building and its systems might not be able to stand up to the conditions as effectively.

Attracting and retaining tenants.

Every property owner has been in a situation where an old tenant has moved on, whether on good terms or bad, and they had to find a new one in short order. A routine maintenance schedule helps ensure your property looks better and functions more effectively, making it more attractive. That, of course, may also help you convince your current tenants to stick around in the first place.

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