Where should you invest in commercial property on the Gold Coast?

By Greg Bell

If you've got property investment on your mind, you might already have considered buying commercial property on the Gold Coast. Commercial property is a different beast to residential investing though, with different challenges and advantages.

While you might spend more to get the right commercial building (be it an apartment building, a shopping centre or a block of offices), you could see serious returns from long-term tenants or major capital gains over a few years of ownership.

But where should you look at buying on the Gold Coast?


Nerang is an inland part of the Gold Coast, and has plenty of great commercial real estate to choose from. It's an up-and-coming suburb for families as well, which could make employment opportunities more attractive.

Many of the commercial properties for sale at Ray White Commercial Gold Coast in Nerang are near the Nerang River, so you know whatever you buy will be picturesque. Warehouses and land for development are the order of the day in Nerang. Businesses with a need for storage space or those looking to expand into the Gold Coast region will be keeping an eye on places like Nerang for potential opportunities to lease space. If you invest wisely, you'll reap the rewards.

Varsity Lakes

Varsity Lakes is south of the Gold Coast city centre, near to Palm Beach and Burleigh Heads. It's a popular part of south-east Queensland because of its proximity to the M1 Highway and the Brisbane Railway. Again, this is a great place for investors of residential real estate and families, making employment in the area attractive. If you're wanting a business to fill your industrial warehouse as soon as possible, you should look to buy somewhere populous.

You're likely to see industrial commercial properties for sale in Varsity Lakes instead of office and apartment buildings, but that's a great place to start your commercial portfolio. An experienced property manager will be able to guide you through the process of finding a tenant and making the property work for the widest range of potential suitors. They will also be able to assist you with dispute resolution and other investment opportunities in the area with their local knowledge. When it's time to spread your investment further, your property manager will be invaluable.

Surfers Paradise

The heart of the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise has a lot of commercial potential. You won't find many warehouses for industrial developments or businesses, but offices, apartment buildings and retail spaces are abundant in this waterfront suburb.

Retail commercial property is a fantastic way to gain experience in the investment sphere. There are plenty of tenants wanting to get into a hotspot on the Gold Coast, so research the region thoroughly before buying. If a spot close to the centre of town that's bustling and has lots of development space or even decent parking nearby becomes available, you could be onto a winner.

Retailers look for high foot traffic properties, and Surfers Paradise is a tourist centre. That means, year round, there will be people in abundance, many of whom will be wanting to take home a souvenir or spend big while on holiday. The right retail tenant could secure your income for the long-term by sticking around, as well as increase how much you earn because of their success.

There are lots of opportunities to invest in commercial property on the Gold Coast – you just need to find the right property type for you. A property manager can help you decide and point you in the right direction to find success with a growing investment portfolio. For more information about buying commercial real estate in south-east Queensland, get in touch with Ray White Commercial Gold Coast today.

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