What will your office look like in the future?

By Greg Bell

The year 2020 used to seem like a distant, futuristic dream – conjuring images of a high-tech super society or a dystopian city straight out of a science-fiction movie. Fast-forward to the present year, and these visions seem like a stretch. However, the future is shaping up to hold some big changes for those in offices – here's what your Gold Coast commercial property might look like in the years to come.

Double the digitisation

The days of the humble filing cabinet are numbered. Already, businesses across Australia are turning to the cloud to store their information and data. The cloud is a collection of servers from all over the world that work together to store vast amounts of data or host web services, such as Google Docs or social media websites.

Virtual assistants may take on bigger roles in the business setting, too. Technology such as Amazon's Alexa has become commonplace in many households all over the world. However, the introduction of Alexa for Business is set to transform the administrative processes of companies. This technology has the ability to automate a range of tasks, such as coordinating meetings and managing to-do lists.

Think green

While technology will continue to evolve, offices in the future are predicted to have their roots grounded firmly in the natural world. Workspaces will embrace organic design and natural light, with large windows and skylights allowing workers to soak up much-needed vitamin D. Furthermore, offices are set to cut down on paper waste through digitisation and recycling initiatives to do their part to help the planet.

Employees will be in control

Office power dynamics are set to be shaken up in the future. Employees will be valued more within the burgeoning knowledge-based economy – a system that values intellectual capital used for advancement. These are usually in the fields of science and technology. Furthermore, employee wellbeing and collective corporate health will be a focus.

Over the last few decades, the layout of the traditional office morphed into open plan, holistic workspaces. Unfortunately, when it comes to productivity, there often isn't a one-size-fits all layout. In the future, businesses are expected to look to industry leaders, such as Google, for workplace inspiration. These large corporations provide their employees with options catered to their working preferences – from shared tables and private booths, to comfy couches or chairs that allow for pedal exercising.

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