What types of software make managing your business easier?

By Greg Bell

For small and large businesses alike, keeping on top of the various threads of a business can be difficult. There's marketing, HR and finance, and they're just the support services your business needs. 

Thankfully, running a business is much easier with the help of all the software and apps that now exist. Here are three essential types of software to get installed at your Gold Coast commercial property to help you manage your business effectively.

1) Accounting software

Whatever the business, there is money exchanging hands. Accounting software allows you to keep tabs on the invoices you send out, and the payments that should be coming in. Depending on how sophisticated the package is, it also helps you with complex tax returns and provides reports that help you predict cash flow, income and profit margins. For people without much financial experience, the right software can be a real stress reliever.

2) CRM

All businesses need customers and ensuring they get everything they need is crucial if you want to retain them. A CRM system lets you keep notes about your customers such as what their business does and what conversations you've had with them. Your whole sales team has access to this information so they can tailor their sales and nurturing techniques appropriately. 

3) Marketing automation, promotion and tracking

Help your marketing team gather the knowledge they need to make smart strategy decisions. There is so much available now that lets your team track who's visiting your website and what they do, as well as target the future communications they receive. Management software allows social media posts to be set up in advance, and email campaigns can be automated too.

4) Office productivity tools

Whether you opt for a paid option or a free one, every business needs a way of creating documents and spreadsheets. However, beyond the creation, software that allows you to share documents between relevant team members, collate edits or add security passwords help a business manage their discussions without the dreaded email chains. Software that allows document management saves everyone time and annoyance.

5) E-commerce software

If you're a business that sells products and you don't have a fully functional e-commerce site, you risk irritating your customers who want to be able to login and purchase. Some software allows you to build an entire site from scratch, and most are really easy to update so your customers don't order something that's out of stock, or has increased in price.

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