What makes the Gold Coast perfect for startups?

By Greg Bell

We've seen a marked increase in the number of startup businesses on the Gold Coast recently. This has given rise to the nickname of 'silicon beach,' with countless new companies popping up all over the city and trying to make their mark on both a local and global level. 

While one of the appeals of the Gold Coast to these businesses is undoubtedly the varied commercial properties that can be leased, it's also important to take a look at some of the other factors that are attracting entrepreneurs to Queensland's very own slice of heaven.

1. Atmosphere

The Gold Coast has long been celebrated for its relaxed, friendly vibe and strong sense of community, which mirror some of the reasons other tech-heavy environments such as San Francisco have held such strong appeal to young, hungry businesses. 

At the same time the Gold Coast is also very different from many of the world's other startup hubs, particularly when it comes to the lifestyle and surrounding environment. This has led to a spate of startup businesses that reflect life on the coast, including everything from apps that track the movement of the surf to specialised travel and hospitality companies that cater to the city's strong tourism industry.

For both of these reasons the Gold Coast has quickly become a region with a unique technology industry, one that takes the best elements of somewhere like Silicon Valley and blends it with the Australian atmosphere. 

2. Infrastructure

Of course, atmosphere isn't always enough when it comes to commercial success, which is why it's also important to consider the Gold Coast's infrastructure, both as a city and a startup hub. Despite being seen as a very different type of city to the Sydneys and Melbournes of the world, the Gold Coast is still Australia's largest non-capital urban area. This, in addition to a growing international airport, means that although the city may seem like an oasis of calm separated from the hustle and bustle of bigger regions, it is still incredibly well-connected to the world at large. 

For startups the fantastic infrastructure the Gold Coast has to offer is perhaps best represented by the various grants that are available to new or growing businesses. A great example of this is Queensland's Business Growth Fund Program, which offers up to $50,000 for eligible organisations to purchase any specialised equipment or services they might need to expand. 

3. Community

Another of the important factor in business success is having access to, and being able to attract, talented employees. For startups, this often means younger staff who aren't afraid to take risks and want to contribute to the growth of an organisation, rather than simply shuffling in for their daily nine to five. Again, this gives organisations on the Gold Coast an edge. Not only is the region home to three highly regarded universities (Bond, Griffith and Southern Cross), but the sun, surf and social atmosphere all play a crucial role in attracting the best and brightest from other parts of Australia – and beyond – to the city.

In addition, the high number of startups on the Gold Coast means that there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off one another and form long-lasting connections that could pay off further down the track. Regardless of whether that means finding a potential business partner or learning more about a completely different industry, the sense of community all contributes to a fantastic environment for any growing business.

Of course, every business needs the right premises, and you can get in touch with Ray White Commercial Gold Coast today to find out what's available.

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