What makes an office space truly stand out?

By Greg Bell

With the office market leaning towards oversupply, those seeking this type of commercial property on the Gold Coast are spoilt for choice. While that's a great thing when you need to upgrade or set up a new office, it also introduces new challenges. Namely, what separates a good office from a great one?

Make sure you hold onto these tips when you make your next venture into the Gold Coast office real estate.

Is it in the right space for both employees and customers?

Even though the Gold Coast light rail has drastically improved public transport around the Gold Coast, you still have to give serious consideration to the location of your new office. Too far away from the CBD, and your employee base may struggle with the commute, even though rent or the base price could be lower.

Similarly, it has to be in a location where clients can easily find you. Neighbouring an industrial site when you face customers and clients every day might not be the most ideal space for an office.

How's the parking accessibility?

Parking for commercial property on the gold Coast has been a recurring issue. The City of Gold Coast had to introduce the Southport Parking Area back in 2006, as up to 90 per cent of residential parking near commercial spaces was taken up by non-resident vehicles.

Purchasers of commercial property need to factor this into their real estate selection. Watch improvements like the Burleigh Heads ParkInCentre Scheme, which should free up much more space for commuters. Selecting an office with parking accessibility is key.

Does it have enough space?

The general guidelines for space in an office is six square metres of tertiary space per employee, and ten square metres of actual space. Tertiary space is the area taken up by an employee and their work station.

Make sure your new office lease or purchase has this space in droves. Consider your growth forecasts as well. If you will be hiring new staff in the next 12 months, your office should be able to accommodate them without overcrowding.

How secure is the building?

Most office spaces are going to have a significant number of tangible assets in the form of computers, modems and in-office infrastructure to keep these running. This means the new space has to be secure. Are there physical locks or key cards? How many other businesses do you share a building with, and who can access which parts of it?

Is there a security company that looks after the property? These are just the opening questions – security is paramount when you're looking for a new home for your business.

Do its aesthetics suit your brand?

This is a slightly harder question to answer. Companies change their brand or aesthetic all of the time, and shifting offices could be part of such a change for you. However, you must ensure the new space aligns with your current and future brand.

A startup trying to secure fresh investment, for example, won't suit the most drab office on the block. Any office that promotes a vibrant atmosphere (which should be all, really) absolutely needs to have a lot of natural light. While those questions are basic, there will be more advanced ones that you need to ask before you commit to an office.

Your business deserves the best office it can get, and that means finding a Gold Coast commercial space that matches its needs perfectly. When you want to relocate or just have a browse of what's available, come and speak to the team at Ray White Surfers Paradise.

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