What Game of Thrones teaches us about the workplace

By Greg Bell

With the world reeling from the thrilling conclusion of Game of Thrones, it's unsurprising that the fantasy epic has been the subject of conversations in many Gold Coast offices over the last few weeks. Though the show itself is action packed with fire-breathing dragons and unrequited romance, it's the power struggles and lessons that truly hook audiences in.

Here, we look at what the politics of Westeros can teach us about office dynamics, seeking advice and embracing your skills.

Embrace your gifts

In order to make your mark in the workplace, embrace your gifts and talents. Honing in on a particular skill gives you a point of difference from your co-workers, a niche that is truly your area of expertise. Establishing this helps in cementing your place as an indispensable, integral part of your company's framework. This can make you the go-to solution for certain problems.

Perhaps you have natural-born charisma like Tyrion Lannister, or a keen eye for detail and predicting future problems like Bran Stark. For these characters, embracing their skills helped them form alliances and protect the kingdom. In a work environment, channelling a range of skill sets from different employees helps in solving business problems and exploring new opportunities.

Ask for advice

The great part about working in an office environment is having a network of people on hand to bounce ideas off of and seek advice from. If possible, implementing mentoring opportunities helps your employees learn key information that could be integral to solving future issues.

Furthermore, setting aside time for veteran staff to impart knowledge on new employees means that if these older staff choose to move on from the business, there are remaining staff who understand parts of the process and quirks that perhaps aren't outlined in official training documents. The idea of mentorship is important in Game of Thrones, particularly in shaping Daenerys political strategies, through advice from figures such as Jorah and Varys.

Be empathetic to your co workers

It's no secret that a positive workplace is a productive workplace. Empathy is the glue that holds professional relationships together as it's important to understand the needs of your co-workers in achieving individual and collective goals. In the treacherous world of Game of Thrones, empathy is particularly important in building alliances, which we see Tyrion succeed in many a time.

It's important to note that empathy is a skill that can be developed over time through team building exercises and question sessions. A great example of this is watching the self-centred Jamie Lannister transform into an empathetic individual who is willing to protect knight Brienne of Tarth , due to his extended time spent with her during which they get to know one another.

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