What are the benefits of a shared office space?

By Greg Bell

Modern technology has transformed the work lives of many Gold Coast office employees. In fact, many people find that they can carry out most, if not all of their tasks wherever there's an internet connection.

With remote work becoming an attractive alternative to traditional offices, it's no surprise that many workplaces are choosing to adopt co-working spaces as their touch point for employees. Here, we look at the benefits of sharing an office space, and what challenges may come with a shared work environment.

What is a shared office space?

A shared office is a building or floor which offers work stations for employees from different businesses. Often these are open plan, or have smaller meeting rooms for private conversations. Shared offices are a popular option for up-and-coming startups that haven't necessarily got the capital for their own site, or businesses with a low employee count that doesn't warrant an entire space.

What are the benefits and challenges of shared office spaces?

A double-edged sword, a shared office space has pros and cons for employers and employees alike.

Extra income

For those that own their Gold Coast commercial property, opening your building as a shared working space creates an extra stream of income, on top of your business operations. However, this comes with liability. Not only are you legally obligated to provide a safe premises for all businesses in the building, but you'll need to regulate rent, which can be time consuming and complicated depending on length of leases.

Existing furnishings

One of the benefits for users of a shared office space is that they often come with existing furnishings. Kitting out a whole new office is expensive, and if you're wanting equipment to last for years to come, the cheaper furniture options aren't always the best way to go. Shared spaces generally include tables, chairs, meeting areas and an internet connection at the very least, making setting up shop in a communal work area a simple process. However, a pre-designed office isn't always a popular move. Shared spaces don't often allow for customisation, making it hard for your working area to feel truly personal to your business.

Social hub

A shared working space is a hive of activity. From freelancers typing away on their keyboards, to keen creatives tossing around design ideas, every day is different in these group workspaces. This gives you as a business owner the opportunity to network and explore ideas that could support your operations. However, this also distracts your staff, and could create disruptions in the flow of work.

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