What are commercial tenants looking for today?

By Greg Bell

As with any other type of business, commercial property owners need to make their offerings as attractive as possible to ensure they get a lot of interest over time. However, one thing many in the industry may not realise is exactly what commercial tenants are looking for in a rental property, especially when there may be so many different kinds of businesses looking at the space.

The following considerations are some of the most important things commercial tenants want from their properties today:

More flexibility in the space

No matter what kind of business you rent to, it's important to make sure there are a lot of options for how they can use your property. Even in the case of highly specialised commercial spaces like restaurants or health care providers, you might want to do more to ensure as much of the floor space as possible can be customised to suit a company's unique needs.

Tech capabilities

These days, businesses need to be on the cutting edge of technology – or risk falling behind. For that reason, your commercial properties should come packed with the latest and greatest, including smart devices that can be controlled and monitored from anywhere (including security tech) to achieve the fastest possible internet speeds. If it has been a while since your property updated its tech capabilities, including installing newer and better wired internet connections, now might be the time to do it.

Responsiveness to their needs

Any small-business owner will tell you the simple truth that makes their job so challenging: Over time, any company sees its needs grow and shift. As such, they are looking for a landlord who can work with them to accommodate those changing requirements over time, as a means of ensuring they are not only successful, but also willing to call your property home for many years to come.

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