Unusual features you could add to your Gold Coast commercial property

By Greg Bell

There are some essential features of any office building – desks and chairs for example – but not everything has to be serious or standard. Buildings with big features make an impact from the outside while fun offices keep employees entertained during their down time.

Interesting office features aren't just about attention and entertainment – they have business benefits too. Colourful spaces, eco-friendly designs and stress-free zones can attract new applicants and help existing employees get productive. Fun features workers can use when they take a break allow focus on something else for a few minutes and offer an opportunity to connect with colleagues over something other than the latest project. 

What could you add to your Gold Coast commercial property? We take a look at what's been done before.

1) Chasing waterfalls

Water features are taking on a new meaning in building design. The Liebian International Building in Guiyang incorporates a 108-metre waterfall flowing down the outer side of the building, designed to evoke the feeling of nature in amongst the skyscrapers of city life. Brisbane is about to go one better though, with plans for a central residential development to include a waterfall 118-metres high, originating from a rooftop infinity pool. 

A outdoor water feature, perhaps a fountain or oriental pond just before the entrance, can really attract attention.

2) Playground fun

Google have become well-known for their fabulous office interiors and they seem to take the design of their slides seriously. With multiple offices around the world, they have a large selection of slide designs. One of their offices has a slide with three lanes, encouraging friendly competition. Others take the employees from one floor to the next, providing a respite from the stresses of work. 

As well as slides, other examples of providing some stress-free fun in the environment include a bowling alley, video games room, ball pit and indoor swings. A local Robina office auctioned recently by Ray White Gold Coast combines fun with exercise by providing a private rooftop pool that can be utilised by employees before work or during lunch breaks. 

3) Go green

Visually appealing and good for the environment and colleagues alike, buildings with plants and trees on the outside work to minimise a building's impact on the environment. Incorporating greenery into your commercial space benefits the health of the occupants by reducing inside air pollution and positively impacts employee productivity by helping them remain focused. Plants are also energy saving in that they can cool a space significantly with shade and their ability to release heat into the atmosphere better than many buildings. 

Brisbane is hot on the green initiative with its Buildings that Breathe project having started in 2014.

If you're looking for an exciting and energising commercial property, talk to Ray White Surfers Paradise now.

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