Transform your space: Budget DIY tips for new businesses

By Greg Bell

Kicking off a new business is always a challenge. Whether you’ve decided to buy or lease commercial property, it’s important to turn the office space into a place that fosters collaboration and creativity. Of course, money is often tight for new businesses, so here are a few tips and tricks to transform your place of work without breaking the bank:

1. Decide on a feel
Before you start shopping for furniture or art, it’s important to think about what you want the overall feel of your office to be. Are you in an industry that values creativity and encourages brainstorming meetings to come up with original ideas? Or do you need to provide your employees with a distraction-free space so they can focus? Whichever direction you decide will inform the design decisions you make.

2. Focus on organisation
No matter how trendy or cool your office is, a disorganised space is going to be a pain point for your employees. Install shelves or use baskets for everything from office supplies to coffee grounds. Pick up a label-maker to ensure your employees can find the extra paper clips without rooting through multiple drawers.

3. Explore the thrift store
If you’re hoping to give your office a personal touch, there’s no need to break the bank. Why pay full price for something that’s vintage inspired when you can get the real deal? Check out local thrift stores for everything from art to lighting to furniture. Wood tables can be refinished and upholstery can be replaced all for less than buying all new office decorations.

4. Don’t forget smells
It’s an easy factor to forget, but study after study has shown that the odors in a room have a major impact on mood and even efficiency. And while you don’t want to overpower your employees with a strong smell, consider using air fresheners and subtle scents to give your office space a pleasant feel that your employees will appreciate.

5. Use art for emphasis
These days, your employees expect something more than a photo of a tree with an inspirational quote underneath. So ditch the old standbys and add sophistication to your office space with artwork or photography that reflects the mission and goals of your company without feeling too corporate. You can even consider your own photography or artwork by your employees to add a personal touch.

Remember: There’s no need to break the bank to create a warm and inviting office space.

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