Tips when choosing to invest in commercial real estate outside Australia

By Greg Bell

If you have successfully tried your hand at real estate investing in Australia, it may be time to branch out and try a new challenge. Buying real estate outside of Australia could be your next big move. The more expansive your investment portfolio, the more successful you will likely be. Ray White has put together some basic tips to get you started on foreign real estate investing.

Expand your knowledge

If you are used to buying and selling real estate within the border of Australia, you are probably most honed into the market trends in this particular location. You already know when to make a move, when to sell, and which areas are the best and the most sought after. Now it is time to expand your knowledge internationally. Read and keep an eye on market trends in different areas until you become more comfortable with the general tendency and desirable real estate markets globally.

Watch new developments

New developments are always happening, it's up to you and your partners to know whether these developments are worth your professional investment. For example, in Andrew Bell's Market Wrap for Ray White, he writes about new developments and investment opportunities in Bali, Indonesia. 

Bell cites Bali as a desirable investment destination, especially for Australian investors, because of its popularity with vacationing people from Australia. This is a great example of not only noticing that new development is happening but combining this information with the knowledge that it is a popular location for visitors and tourists. Luckily for you, Ray White offers insight on new projects that could be a perfect addition to your real estate portfolio.

Consider these important factors

International investors have a lot to consider before buying up foreign real estate. Here is a small sampling of things to think about and research further:

  • Taxation: While you may be well versed in Australian property tax laws, it's important to read up on the laws in the areas you are interested in buying real estate in. 
  • Transaction costs: Be aware that transaction costs and additional fees may be applicable when buying commercial real estate internationally. Sometimes these fees are low but it's important to work with a professional to learn more about what to expect.
  • Compare investing opportunities: While the cost of real estate may be rising in Australia, other locations could give you more bang for your buck. Conducting a comparative analysis will help reveal the best option.

The best way to start investing in international commercial real estate is to learn more about global trends and keep your ear to the ground. Ray White is here to keep you informed of new opportunities around the world and in Australia. To learn more, book a call today!

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