The effect of music on your retail space

By Greg Bell

When it comes to designing and refining your retail space, each of the five senses needs to be addressed in order to create a pleasing and dynamic environment for your customers. Here, we look at how music can transform the shopping experience, and reveal our tips for choosing the music to play in your Gold Coast commercial property.

Mind your volume

The music you play in your store is a key part of the ambience – but shouldn't overwhelm it. Music should played at a loud enough volume that customers can recognise the tune, and dance along if they wish, but soft enough that they can still carry a conversation. Your products shouldn't have to fight for the attention of your customers over the speakers.

Music has a distinct way of altering the perception of time – a wait in line seems much shorter if accompanied by an enjoyable tune. This illusion can be used to your advantage, particularly if you are in a busy store or eatery where a high overturn of customers is needed. Raise the volume a few bars and you may be able to clear tables of customers faster than you would in silence. 

Slow the speed

The tempo of the music you choose to play in your store will impact the speed at which your customers will shop. While songs with a fast tempo are fantastic for sweating it out at the gym, shopping should be a slow, therapeutic experience. Your playlist should encourage your customers to take time to browse your retail space at their own pace. However, this doesn't necessarily mean sticking to slow ballads – look to your products for inspiration. A jewellery store may be complemented with soft, romantic instrumentals, while a supermarket may benefit from feel-good pop radio to energise the mundane task of grocery shopping.

Keep it legal

There are rules and regulations around what music you can play in retail environments, particularly, whether you have a licence to do so. Many streaming services offer business packages for licensed use of music. Depending on your business, however, you may be able to get creative. Many modern clothing stores and eateries hire an in-house DJ to provide a customised, instore ambience for their customers. This can give your store a personalised touch, and potentially generate more interest in your wares.

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