The best way to deal with disputes in your commercial property

By Greg Bell

When was the last time you had to deal with a dispute or some kind of unrest in your commercial real estate? Lessors can raise issues with the landlord all the time – it might be something as simple as a broken fixture or something much more complex like a complaint targeted at another lessor.

Owning commercial property on the Gold Coast can be lucrative, but you have to ensure you're available to all of your tenants all the time. If you own more than one commercial property, or you have multiple tenants to look after, it can be difficult to keep track of everything you need to do. That's where a commercial property manager can help.

What sorts of disputes can a property manager deal with?

The easy answer to this question is … all of them. When you hire a property manager from Ray White Commercial Gold Coast, they'll handle everything from finding new tenants to coming up with rental agreements and installing security around your premises. That leaves you with very little to stress about (if anything) so you can focus on making your next successful investment.

Leasing disputes in commercial property can arise when there is unclear wording in the rental agreement – something your professional property manager is specifically trained to get right. If the lessor thinks you're responsible for something and the rental agreement states that in fact the tenant is, you are not obligated to take action. However, if the agreement doesn't make it clear, you might be legally obliged to pay for damages or invest in new fixtures that are more secure, for example.

Why do disputes arise in commercial properties?

Lessors might be upset by something that another business on the premises does – this can be a stressful time, as it can result in tension between store owners or managers which can ultimately affect the success of their businesses. In extreme cases, the tenants might leave the premises and you'll be forced to find another lessor.

By handing the reins to a property manager instead, you'll get all the experience and professionalism that comes with their presence in your commercial property. When a dispute arises, they'll know exactly what to do to calm the situation, and ensure it doesn't flare up again in a few months.

Your commercial property will be in the best hands throughout the mediation and resolution processes with a property manager. Get in touch with Ray White Commercial Gold Coast today for more information.

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