Should commercial developers think ’boutique’ in Surfers Paradise?

By Greg Bell

Right now, Surfers Paradise is largely built up by major developers. For the past couple of years, the area has seen plans for some serious construction projects. Let's check these plans out, and see why the buzzword 'boutique' might be worth pursuing.

Commercial property in Surfers Paradise

The Surfers Paradise and general Gold Coast beachfront have been well built up with high rises that can house hundreds, giving them close proximity to good food, entertainment and, of course, the beach.

Most recently, the council planning committee gave the green light to a 103-storey supertower project. The development includes two towers, (one standing at 103 storeys, the other at 76) and over 2,200 bedrooms. The height of this tower will make it the tallest building in the southern hemisphere.

This isn't the only tall building in the project planning stage, however. Chinese based developers Forise Holdings was approved to build a 89 storey building earlier last winter. At the time of approval, it would have been considered the tallest tower in the area.

That makes us wonder, are there any other plans in motion to develop even taller buildings at say, 104 storeys? Or how about something smaller, at just four storeys?

A need for a boutique market

Not everyone wants to do the condo, high rise life. And heading to Surfers Paradise right now, they might be hard pressed to find a spot on the beach.

The last freestanding home was recently put up for auction and sold to a private homeowner (Jason Hague) after an expensive battle against major developers. Many locals attended this auction to see if it would fall to the hands of yet another tall tower architect, but for now, Hague plans on keeping the house as it is. Small, and boutique.

Imagine how much more your space will stand out when you can advertise it as a 'boutique' experience. In a sea of high rises, it's not hard to see how this could be a good value for you. People love all things boutique – the buzzword is designed to make the mind think 'different', and people these days are craving to experience something different from the rest of the pack.

Few have pursued this plan, meaning there isn't a tonne of competition for those who choose to pursue the boutique lifestyle. Here are just a couple of the benefits for the property owner and guest of going boutique:

  • Offers guests a unique, customised personal experience and service
  • Can pay closer attention to customer needs
  • Removes corporate feel, better for control of business 
  • Provides a chic and cultural environment that feels natural
  • Gives overall better value

If you're interested in finding commercial property that would work well for a boutique experience, then contact our team here at Ray White Surfers Paradise today. We know this area better than anyone, and we want to help you find a special place that will suit your needs.

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