Queensland businesses prepare for digital future

By Greg Bell

Being connected and digitally savvy is important for any business, and the Queensland government is doing whatever it can to help local companies. It has joined forces with CSIRO's Data61 to launch the Digital Economy Fast Forward report, which delivers an insight into how public services will be delivered throughout the region.

Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy Leeanne Enoch explained that the coming years will be a testing time for the nation's firms, especially if they fail to keep pace with change. If the predictions come true, there's every chance demand for commercial property on the Gold Coast could soon reach fever pitch.

What does the strategy involve?

The report covers a number of different areas, including what people and businesses throughout the state will be expecting from their government over the next 10 years. More Queenslanders are predicted to be taking up digital services as the world becomes increasingly connected.

Uptake of internet services alone has escalated over recent years. Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reveal that at the end of June 2015, there were around 12.8 million internet subscribers throughout the nation. This marked a rise of 2 per cent from the previous year.

Broadband accounts for 99 per cent of all broadband connections, even though fibre has emerged as the fastest growing type of connection. In fact, between June 2014 and 2015, the number of fibre internet subscriptions increased 107 per cent.

As demand for digital services grows, it's now the job of businesses to make sure they are innovating. With the help of the government, this should become easier between now and 2025.

What benefits will it bring to the economy?

The national economy is expected to take advantage of the new opportunities opened up by more connected companies. Data61's Senior Principal Scientist Dr Stefan Hajkowicz explained that various sectors can benefit, from health to transport, welfare to policing.

He urged businesses to make sure they are being proactive in their response to digital change. This will put them in the best possible position to make the most of any new opportunities that might arise over the coming years.

"We are looking at the many services we offer as a government from drivers' licences to marriage certificates, fishing permits to paying speeding fines and designing them to be provided online to meet the changing needs and expectations of customers," Ms Enoch added.

A more connected business landscape might mean commercial property for sale on the Gold Coast is snapped up more quickly. Access to digital services is likely to feature higher on people's wish lists over the coming years and if Queensland can provide them, it will be a real advantage for the state.

At a time when many urban centres are vying for investors' attention, there's perhaps been no better time for the Gold Coast to show exactly what it can offer. A strong digital roadmap will only contribute to this outcome.

How can I secure commercial property on the Gold Coast?

Now could be the ideal time to secure commercial property on the Gold Coast, especially if the digital revolution continues to gather pace. We're on hand to help you navigate the local market and secure premises that are in line with all your requirements.

Ray White Commercial Gold Coast has been helping businesses find their ideal piece of real estate for many years – and you could be our next success story. No matter how big or small your premises needs to be, make sure you get in touch to discuss what options are available in this part of Queensland.

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