New water connections for Gold coast businesses

By Greg Bell

Between the winding waterways, light rail projects and excellent road networks, it's easy to get from A to B in Surfers Paradise and beyond. However, there's always room for improvement, which is exactly what the Gold Coast City Council has addressed in a recent media release.

A state of the art pontoon is set to improve connectivity for those operating in commercial real estate on the Gold Coast, as well as attracting even more people to the region. So what is it going to do, and how can your commercial investments take advantage of it? 

Pontoon power

This new pontoon is available for use by commercial tourism operators, and forms part of the greater Surfers Riverside Masterplan. It cost $800,000 overall and goes a long way towards revitalising the waterfront precinct in this area. This is something that has really excited Tom Tate, mayor of the Gold Coast. 

"This joint investment with the state government and the Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA) is a great way to kick off the fresh look we are creating for this prime piece of public waterfront," he stated in a 3 July release.

"It's also a fantastic tourism opportunity and I invite commercial operators to get on board and start using the pontoon to bring people to the Surfers riverfront and surrounding areas."

This could mean big things for business owners that lease commercial property on the Gold Coast. This pontoon allows for greater transport options, as well as being an attraction in and of itself. The GCWA has noted that it can take on vessels that weigh up to 70 tonnes and are up to 28 metres long, and it will function in severe weather conditions.

Anyone who is interested in commercial property for sale on the Gold Coast could see this as an excellent advancement of visitors numbers to the riverfront areas of the region. 

What else is in the plan?

The entire Surfers Riverside Masterplan encompasses developments between Appel Park and Lionel Perry Park, to create a state of the art series of facilities on the riverfront. Riverside North is going to receive extra lighting and seating upgrades, while more shading and viewing platforms are to be added,

In addition to the pontoon being made available for commercial use, there will be ones constructed for both recreational and public use. 

Elsewhere, beaches will be enlarged, lawns will be improved, and better facilities for pedestrians and cyclists will be implemented. It will be opened up for market areas, dog walking and more attractions to bring people to this exciting part of the Gold Coast.

It offers a prime opportunity to open up retail leasing on the Gold Coast and take advantage of a new hotspot for visitors. The Nerang Rivers twists and turns throughout Surfers Paradise and the wider Gold Coast, and the riverfront developments here provide ample attraction and opportunities for commercial development. 

Boosts for the Games

Ports Minister Mark Bailey was also thrilled with the opening of the new pontoon, noting that it's going to form part of an excellent hub to attract people during the 2018 Commonwealth Games. 

"The Gold Coast is preparing to host visitors from 71 Commonwealth nations and territories so I'm pleased key infrastructure is being built to improve waterway access," he noted. 

With this just one of many developments on the way for the area, commercial property for sale on the Gold Coast could be on your horizon as you look to have a business take advantage of the growth.

If this is the case, get in touch with Ray White Surfers Paradise. We've got decades of know-how on putting businesses in the right place to do well. 

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