New opportunities emerge from Commonwealth Games

By Greg Bell

The Commonwealth Games may yet be three years away, but growth opportunities are rife at the moment. Making the most of commercial property on the Gold Coast during the 2018 event means planning your investments now, and securing real estate or land that will brings you great benefits down the line.

Just look at the Queensland government – it has just announced even more developments ahead of the games, which should prove to be one of the biggest events the Gold Coast has ever seen.

Endless opportunity for gains from the games

Kate Jones, Queensland minister for tourism has been at the forefront of the Commonwealth Games marketing campaigns, and was thrilled to announce in a 28 May statement that many more preparations had been rolled out.

She noted that 16,000 beds had been contracted for the global event, while speaking to 200 accommodation and hospitality providers already based on the Gold Coast. If you buy commercial property at Surfers Paradise, you could readily join this group of business owners prepared to profit.

“The Games will turn the international spotlight onto the Gold Coast so it’s important every player in our tourism industry is given the support they need to shine,” Ms Jones stated.

“The Queensland Tourism Industry Council will work with accommodation providers, retail, restaurants, taxis and tourist attractions to help ensure we present the best we can for our visitors.”

There are already information sessions available so business owners can find out how to contribute to the games through their company, as well as how to make the most of the heightened visitor numbers expected throughout the tournament. In fact, up to 180 tourism operators have already attended these and are armed with the right knowledge.

Anyone currently engaged in retail leasing on the Gold Coast is encouraged to get amongst these seminars.

Tenders out for key providers

The 2018 Commonwealth Games are an event that doesn’t just give significant tourism to the Gold Coast, it’s an event where everyone becomes a part of the festivities – and that includes local business. Twin press releases from Ms Jones on 21 May announced the search for providers of ticketing services for the games, as well as for a firm to design and deliver the opening and closing ceremonies.

Whichever company takes up the task will likely need a significant base of operations in the local area, which is where industrial leasing on the Gold Coast provides a straightforward solution.

“We have an amazing opportunity to create and present an event that will not only welcome the world like never before, but that will last forever in the memories of all those who see them,” Ms Jones said of these ceremonies. She also noted that 1.5billion people would be watching the events from both Australia and overseas – unprecedented exposure for anyone’s brand.

Find the space that suits your brand

Simply securing any old industrial real estate on the Gold Coast is not always enough when you want to set up or expand your business on the Gold Coast. You need a space that is tailored for your company’s long-term plan, and that will service your needs without too many extensive renovations.

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