New construction phase at Broadwater Parklands

By Greg Bell

The future development of the Broadbeach Parkland is one step closer to beginning, which could offer a number of investment opportunities for commercial property in Surfers Paradise over the coming months. The preparation and redevelopment of the area comes on the coattails of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, which are being held in the Gold Coast and are expected to bring in large amounts of economic stimulus during the event. 

Gold Coast mayor Tom Tate said the region would be opening the gates to tenders for civil work across the 3.5 hectares of newly developed parklands created to the north of the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, which could develop into prime land given the popularity of the Gold Coast with tourists and locals alike. 

"Broadwater Parklands Stage 3 is a fantastic Commonwealth Games legacy project delivering new world-class parklands and more than 80 new jobs. Tenders will be called later this week and it's important that local businesses are ready to compete for the work," said Mayor Tate in a 6 November statement. 

Keeping things environmentally friendly is also a key concern of the redevelopment, with Gold Coast company Element Ecology recently relocating a huge 3,000 square metres worth of sea grass to outside the development zone. 

"Sea grass relocation ensures a sustainable habitat for marine life in the Broadwater and the 500 square metres of sea grass relocated as part of previous Broadwater Parklands stages has now grown to more than 2500 square metres," said Mayor Tate. 

"We have the expertise here on the Gold Coast to deliver this fantastic project and it's a perfect opportunity for local businesses to be part of getting our city ready for the Commonwealth Games."

With this development occurring in the near future, getting your finances and business plans organised as soon as possible is the best way to be prepared and ready to jump on any Surfers Paradise commercial property opportunities that may arise in the coming months. 

New management for waste and recycling announced

Furthermore, the Gold Coast's continued commitment to a more sustainable environment has led to the unveiling of a new approach for managing the region's waste and recycling. The draft Solid Waste Strategy 2014-2023 aims to ensure the region is capable of managing the waste expected to be created over the coming years – especially as more people begin to move into the area. 

Mayor Tom Tate said the new plan aims to place a higher priority of reducing landfill waste, creating better environmental outcomes, improve resource recovery rates and lower the cost of these services and expenses for the rate payers. 

"In just nine years, the city's population is expected to increase by around 60,000 households to some 669,000 residents. Add an increasing number of visitors to the Gold Coast, and we'll have a lot of extra waste to deal with," said Mayor Tate in a 6 November statement. 

One of the biggest drivers behind this was a survey of landfill waste over the last year, which found that 55 per cent of these materials were organic and could have been composted or recycled. 

Therefore, priority is being given to creating more options for the public to get rid of their trash, including high-density properties, business premises, and throughout major events that take place in the Gold Coast. The plan has been opened up to public opinion until 3 November, so now could be the perfect time to have your say about the future development of your local community. 

Furthermore, the possibility for investment in commercial real estate in Surfers Paradise – and in a cleaner, greener environment – is a great incentive to consider moving into the region. 

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