Mobile usage making property management easier

By Greg Bell

Mobile technology has progressed significantly in recent years, and applications, or apps, have taken control of human productivity.

Be it communication, news, photography, security or research, there is an app for just about everything. Communication in particular is key to how much people rely on mobile technology, as messaging platforms are used 4.7 times more frequently than any other app, according to data analysis from Flurry.

As people find themselves more and more glued to their mobile devices, there is a new market emerging for property management efficiency that can help property owners to take control of their commercial leasing in the Gold Coast.

Mobile usage skyrocketing can help commercial property management

Flurry recorded that between 2013 and 2014, lifestyle app usage increased by 174 per cent. Within the lifestyle category are apps that can provide up-to-date information about nearby properties, searches in a particular area for available real estate and even reviews of certain properties or the landowner.

For clients wanting to lease commercial property, turning to mobile apps might well be the most efficient move.

A quick search would show options in the required area, and trawling through pages and pages of search engine results won't take so much time.

Even listing your commercial property for sale or lease somewhere such as Surfers Paradise with a specialised agent in the area will make it more accessible to potential tenants.

Encouraging tenants to leave reviews of management services on regional mobile apps may be a good way of growing a potential client base in the future because reviews will show potential buyers what to expect from the property owner.

The sky is the limit when it comes to using mobile technology to your advantage, and the earlier that a company gets on board with it, the sooner they will start seeing results.

Reliance on mobile devices is a good incentive

The majority of the existing lifestyle technology that relates to real estate is currently dealing with residential properties. However as more commercial listings are found on mobile apps, a shift is likely to occur.

Data from an Optus survey carried out by McCrindle found that a strong mobile connection and cable internet were among the top five things Australians value in a rental property. The greater reliance on mobile devices could lead to technology in a property being a driving factor in the success of retail and office spaces being leased.

Businesses may also be turning more towards the digital age, with files stored online with cloud computing. Therefore, the ability to access fast and efficient internet connections is going to be a significant advantage to leasing your commercial property.

The same goes for having a strong mobile signal, as employees will use their mobile devices to increase productivity at work as well. Flurry reports that 2014 saw an increase of 121 per cent compared to 2013 in app usage related to utilities and productivity. Business owners that seek to get the most out of their workforce will be looking at mobile apps in the very near future. Strong and consistent mobile signals will therefore be a very attractive addition.

Managing your property

While a reliance on mobile devices might make some commercial properties more attractive to tenants, managing real estate in single or multiple locations can be a challenge, especially for landowners that have other employment. Handing over the reins to a company that specialises in management could take a huge weight off your shoulders, and allow the focus to be on improving the property, rather than collecting rents.

Ray White Surfers Paradise are specialists in the area, and have 250 employees that can make commercial property management in the Gold Coast a much simpler experience. Contact the team today and see how they can help you.

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