Is now the right time for your company to purchase a new facility?

By Greg Bell

Securing a lease on Gold Coast commercial property is a great way for businesses to set up shop without spending a huge amount of capital. But what about once your business is thriving, you have the money, and you want to establish your company with a little more permanence?

Let's discuss the reasons for purchasing commercial real estate, as well as the nuanced process of finding the right place at the right time for your business.

Why your company should consider buying property

It's possible that you've already been running your business successfully for years now without buying your own place – perhaps instead, you've been content just to rent or lease commercial property. But there are a number of reasons why buying your own facility can be beneficial.

Once is the potential boost it can bring to your brand. Once people see that you own your own location, they'll begin to view your business as a financially stable company with real staying power, and they'll be more inclined to work for you.

Beyond that, there are the direct financial implications of buying. Owning a building adds immediate value to your company's asset portfolio, whereas making rent payments essentially amounts to throwing money away. Additionally, as the Australian Taxation Office has noted, there are income tax deductions you can claim if your company puts a portion of its revenue toward buying property.

Understanding the commercial real estate market

While there are many valid reasons to buy soon, you probably don't want to buy commercial property on the Gold Coast until you've first taken a close look at the market and come to understand which properties are available at what prices and why.

Your Investment Property Magazine explained that there are a few commercial property market drivers that buyers need to be aware of. These begin with the overall indicators of economic health nationwide, such as the interest rates set by the Reserve Bank of Australia, but they don't end there.

It's also worthwhile to look at the changes that are sweeping through any prospective area where you're thinking about buying. Are demographic shifts bringing in more upper-class citizens whose spending will stimulate the economy? Are new developments in infrastructure, such as improved public transport or increased real estate development, making a difference? Any of the above would affect the value you get from purchasing commercial real estate in an area.

We can lend a helping hand at Ray White

No matter what your company's needs might be in terms of commercial real estate, we can help you find what you're looking for at Ray White. Whether you want to buy a place and settle down, or you've decided to stick it out a little longer with industrial leasing in Surfers Paradise, we can help you find the property that is perfect for you.

Our goal has always been to find the best possible arrangements for everyone we work with in the property business – buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords and more. We have thousands upon thousands of properties available, some for rent and some to be sold permanently, and we look to find everyone the right real estate for their needs. You could ne next.

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