Improved safety for Surfers Paradise commercial property

By Greg Bell

When you buy into commercial real estate on the Gold Coast, one of the chief concerns you have is likely the wellbeing of the property. Not just against wear, tear and tenants, but also against the slim possibility of crime and damage from natural events. While the risks are minimal, it's always important to make sure you have the right insurance and protection – after all, this is your asset. 

And fortunately, there have been recent announcements from the Queensland government that should improve safety on a number of fronts across the entirety of the Gold Coast. 

Factoring in fire safety

According to a 21 April media release from the Queensland government and minister for police, fire and emergency services Jo-Ann Miller, state of the art equipment is coming to the Burleigh Heads fire station. A new multi purpose vehicle, worth $760,000, was handed over on the 21st to the station to protect both people and property in the region. 

John Gresty, south eastern region acting assistant commissioner for the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services said that this vehicle has numerous technological benefits, and will aid people right up and down the Gold Coast. 

"The Burleigh Heads Fire Station is staffed by a team of 16, consisting of four station officers and 12 firefighters servicing the area north to Surfers Paradise, west to the Pacific Motorway and south to Coolangatta," he stated. These crews have addressed 516 incidents in the financial year to date, so this vehicle will be put to good use, including around Surfers Paradise commercial real estate. 

"A busy region like the Coast with its diverse mix of residents and tourists needs state-of-the art equipment," said Ms Miller. The station will be relocated while it undergoes a $1.82million refurbishment, and in the meantime the new vehicle will help to improve safety with gas detection equipment and thermal imaging.

Top line equipment such as this should have direct benefits for the fire safety of people and property everywhere in the area, perhaps even as far up as in Main Beach real estate. 

Fight against crime continues

Of course, fire isn't necessarily the only potential risk to property. Leasing Gold Coast commercial real estate out to those in the hospitality industry means a large customer base will be in and out of your property on a regular basis, which can introduce the danger of antisocial behaviour and crime. 

However, the Gold Coast Rapid Action and Patrol Group (RAP) is a very effective team for regulating this behaviour right across the Gold Coast, ensuring safety of those within your property. And another 21 April release from the state government has announced a renewed the commitment to this arm of the law.

"The idea behind the RAP is to have a group of proactive and agile officers that are able to take a targeted approach to crime across the Coast, with the ability to hone in on particular hot spots and respond to new and emerging crime trends," said Minister Miller, in her capacity as minister for corrective services. 

"In the first three months of this year, RAP has responded to around 565 calls for service, executed 169 search warrants, conducted 9,233 random breath tests, issued 2,186 traffic infringement notices and produced over 4,700 intelligence reports."

Clearly, this group is providing excellent protection for those who live in or own Surfers Paradise property. Fire and crime safety allows you to buy real estate with confidence, and without fear of damage or depreciation of the value of your purchase.

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