How will my business be affected by the Games Route Network (GRN)?

By Greg Bell

While many Gold Coast business owners are eagerly awaiting the influx of customers they'll enjoy during next month's Games, it's important to consider every aspect of what such a massive event means for trade

Increased sales aren't the only thing to prepare for. If you operate in certain areas of the Gold Coast, you'll also need to be aware of road and lane closures, changing traffic conditions and the introduction of a Games Route Network (GRN). 

What is the Games Route Network?

The GRN is a network of roads to connect the Games Village to certain venues and airports. Its purpose is to provide transportation for athletes and officials so they can make it to their events on time without battling Gold Coast traffic. 

A combination of roads, public transport networks, pedestrian walk ways and bike paths, the GRN includes five different sections:

  1. Core route,
  2. Competition venue routes,
  3. Training venue routes,
  4. Alternate routes,
  5. Port of entry routes.

Who can use the Games Route Network?

In addition to providing transport for officials and athletes, the GRN will also be used by shuttle buses for spectators and workers associated with the Games. 

During congested times, public transport services will also utilise the network to help maintain timetables. 

On some parts of the GRN, dedicated Games Lanes will be in place for the use of accredited vehicles. 

How will the Games Route Network affect Gold Coast infrastructure?

To accommodate the GRN, the Gold Coast will experience temporary changes, including: 

  • Diverted routes,
  • Temporary road and lane closures,
  • Traffic signs and lane markings,
  • Changed traffic conditions,
  • Restricted turns and lane closures,
  • Parking and loading restrictions. 

To avoid running into issues and delays, it's important to plan ahead and stay up-to-date on any closures or changes you might run into. All necessary information can be found on the Get Set for the Games website. 

How businesses can prepare

Savvy businesses need to determine if and how the GRN will affect their trade. 

Even if the GRN isn't near you, it still could impact you in a number of ways. Such a big infrastructure shift will change the way your customers, employees and partners access your business. Staff, for example, might find it more difficult to get to work. That's why it's essential to take the time to understand how the GRN could affect you and ensure all relevant parties are aware as well.

If the GRN will cut off avenues of pedestrian or vehicle traffic to your business, you may want to invest in signs and other advertising to let people know you're still open. 

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