How to make a smart investment in commercial property

By Greg Bell

No doubt, you've heard investing in commercial property is a sound investment and as it can be a (relatively) easy way to make money. However, if you've done even just a little bit of research, you likely found that it can be a very costly, and potentially risky endeavour as well. 

Today we give you the insider info that will allow you to make a savvy investment in commercial property in the Gold Coast.

Is investing in commercial property a good idea?

Like any investment, you have to be smart about what you're getting yourself into!

The Gold Coast commercial real estate scene has seen quite a bit of action in 2017. According to CoreLogic data, the first three months this year raked in 59 purchases which, in total, rings in a whopping $73.9 million. CoreLogic broke it down as follows:

  • $13.2 million = commercial
  • $10.9 million =  commercial strata
  • $27.5 million = retail 
  • $14.9 million = retail strata
  • $7.4 million = other

After reviewing this data, the question isn't so much 'is' investing in commercial property a good idea, but rather, 'when' is it a good time to invest in commercial property? An increase in sales like this is a good indication that it is a safe time to invest. The competition might be a little more intense, but it's worth it to get involved within your means. 

What Surfers Paradise commercial property should you look into?

So now that you're committed to investing, next you need to know what type of commercial property is suitable for you. A big part about making a safe investment is the actual industry in which you're investing in itself.

As you can see from the figures above, retail spaces are hot investments at the moment. Surfers Paradise residential property has been growing over the past couple of years, and continues to do so with the Commonwealth Games coming into town, so it makes sense that retail commercial spots would increase alongside it.

There are also general trends in the commercial sector to consider. For example, Commercial Real Estate recently explained that there is a big move towards health or medical related investments. 

Don't go into this endeavour alone. Consult the experts at Ray White Surfers Paradise to help you figure out what plan is best for you. Then, we'll work together to help you find the perfect piece of property to invest in! Contact our team today if you're ready to get started. 

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