How to maintain customer traffic throughout the changing seasons

By Greg Bell

Just as the changing seasons offer opportunities for dynamic, themed visual merchandising, they can also slow customers from making their way into your Gold Coast retail space. Here, we break down how to keep your customer foot traffic flowing all year round – and what to do when the slow season strikes.

1. Plan ahead

The best way to prepare for a potential sales is to predict it in the first place. Customer traffic forecast are great in measuring the highs and lows of sales over a given period, using the data to predict trends. A common way of seeking this information is by gathering historical data from your point of sales system, such as number of customers and items per transaction. While this isn't necessarily a feasible option for those starting new businesses, it still pays to ask around and do your research. Reach out to other shops in the area, find out when the off seasons are, and how they mitigate any lack of sales.

2. Stand out from the rest

Having a niche from other businesses helps in making your store memorable. From distinctive branding to unique products, find exactly what sets your store apart from the competition and run with it. However, while this includes creating seasonal deals to catch the eye of customers, it pays to avoid the predictable here. For example, when winter strikes, many stores will take a cliche, chilly approach to their marketing. In order to draw sales, step outside of norms and have fun creating a quirky or unique take on the winter sale, such as a snow-capped luau or offering wintery warm treats on entry.

3. Up your e-Commerce

While foot traffic fluctuates seasonally, there's one space where you can be sure to catch attention all year round – cyberspace. Social media is an incredibly powerful business tool, not only in generating hype for your products, but to funnel prospective customers into your e-Commerce space. Especially if your physical premises is quiet, having a designated online store that is both functional and easy for your customers to access means that they can still shop with you, just from the comfort of their couch. This is a great opportunity to push email marketing and offer special seasonal discount codes for customers to use on the site, such as "WINTER20" for 20 per cent off storewide.

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