How to enhance your business’ curb appeal

By Greg Bell

Gold Coast business owners don't need to be reminded that summer is approaching. Many businesses – particularly retail stores and restaurants – enjoy peak season during these gorgeous months when the city is always buzzing.

To make sure you earn maximum profits this summer, be sure to entice customers into your store in every way possible. One of the best methods is to have great curb appeal. Here's how to make your business impossible to walk past.

Shift seasonal items forward in your displays

Use your storefront to display items that are most relevant to summer shoppers. You won't entice many beachgoers, for example, by putting a raincoat on your mannequin. 

Even if you don't necessarily sell seasonal items, you can still 'summer-ise' your display with bright colours and decorations. Flowers – inside your shop and out – are also a very appealing way to draw in business.

Never overlook the importance of cleanliness 

Summer means more customers, and more customers means more bodies in your business tracking sand in the floor and touching your products. To this end, be sure to stay on top of cleaning tasks more than ever.

Furthermore, a clean storefront or curb is a welcoming one, so make sure everything is tidy by:

  • Sweeping outside
  • Cleaning your windows
  • Dusting your window display
  • Polishing and dusting the inventory itself 

Certain commercial spaces don't necessarily lend themselves to bright flower boxes and amazing displays, but every business should be clean.

Show off merchandise outside

If it's allowed, put some of your merchandise outside to encourage customers to come in. A sale rack will be particularly effective as those passing by will want to check out what other great offers you're running.

Invite customers in with a clever sign

During summer, most Gold Coast businesses will enjoy more foot traffic than any other time of the year. Take advantage of it and actually invite customers in with a fun, bold sign outside your door.

You might want to use the space to describe what you've got inside or brag about a great sale, but outdoor signs can also be a good way to show off your personality. On a particularly hot day, for example, you may want to simply write: 'Come in, we have air con!'

At Ray White Commercial Gold Coast, we have a massive range of commercial properties for sale or lease in great locations that will be busy all year long. To find out more, reach out today.

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