How to capitalise on tourism in Surfers Paradise

By Greg Bell

Surfers Paradise is distinguished not solely by its towering structures, stunning architecture, and vibrant ambience, but also by its flourishing arts and cultural community. The sunny city is known for its local galleries, street art, and public installations. Not only do these features attract droves of visitors, but tourism also helps to maintain and enhance them.

That is to say, then, that tourism is a key contributor to Gold Coast's prosperity — to the added advantage of residents. Here are three key ways that those who live on the Gold Coast have and will benefit from tourism.

The local economy is strengthened

Through the consistent influx of tourists into Surfers Paradise, the Australian Government is afforded the opportunity to invest further funds into the development of both Surfers Paradise's economy, and the Gold Coast's economy more generally.

Surfers Paradise is widely recognised as one of Australia's premier tourist destinations, attracting over 4 million visitors annually. Among these visitors, a significant number engage with local businesses, whether it be dining at restaurants, visiting the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, or simply enjoying a refreshing beverage on the stunning Surfers Paradise Beach.

The active participation of tourists in supporting local goods and services ultimately fosters positive economic growth, creating job opportunities, generating tax revenue, and inspiring the development of new business ventures.

Infrastructure and amenities are improved

Through the funds generated by tourism, the already appealing Surfers Paradise infrastructure is able to be improved. Surfers Paradise is home to various renowned infrastructures, including the iconic Q1 skyscraper, the Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets, the Cavill Mall shopping precinct, and the Surfers Paradise Boulevard.

With the additional funds from tourism, these attractions and others can be further developed and upgraded, enhancing the experience for both tourists and locals alike. This includes the addition of new facilities, such as public amenities and improved transportation options, as well as the maintenance and upkeep of existing infrastructure to ensure it remains safe and enjoyable for visitors.

Community and diversity are brought to the forefront

Whether it's interacting with first-time visitors to Surfers Paradise, or the conversation with a now-resident who once was a tourist, residents are afforded the opportunity to engage with individuals of diverse, multicultural backgrounds.

This sense of multiculturalism enhances Surfers Paradise in numerous ways, including the enrichment of the local community through exposure to different cultures, traditions, and perspectives. It also creates a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere that attracts visitors from all over the world. This, in turn, contributes to the local economy and promotes a sense of global interconnectedness.

Key takeaways

The flourishing tourism industry in Surfers Paradise has not only bolstered the local economy and public infrastructure, but also increased its international connectedness, consequently driving the appreciation of the local real estate market.

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