How to bring the spirit of the Games into your workplace

By Greg Bell

When you live and work on the Gold Coast, you get used to the fact that our city is always bustling with activity. It's rare, however, that something as massive as the Games touches down.

The largest sporting event Australia will host this decade, with 1.5 million spectators attending, estimates the Queensland Government. As a business owner, it's unlikely your employees will be able to focus on anything else during this exciting period, so why not find ways to bring the spirit of the Games into the workplace?

Here are three ways to have some Games-related fun on the job. 

1. Host a viewing party 

The Gold Coast is a diverse city, with one in three residents being born overseas, according to the Queensland Government. 

You'll likely find several of the countries participating in the Games are represented among your staff, so bring them together with a viewing party at work. 

Ask everyone to dress up in support for their nation – whether that means traditional attire or choosing garments with the same colours as the flag. You can also foster some friendly competition by creating a leaderboard to record the medals as they're awarded. 

2. Replace standard incentives with a medal ceremony 

How do you thank your employees for their hard work? Whatever your incentive program is, replace it with a formal medal ceremony during the Games

Bring everyone together and award each staff member an award for their achievements. Try to come up with genuine ways to show recognition, such as 'best mentor', 'biggest asset to their team', and so on. The only difference between your ceremony and the real thing? At yours, everyone gets gold. 

3. Put on your own mini Games

This list would be incomplete, of course, if we didn't give your team a chance to stretch their legs. 

The Games are all about athletic achievement, so motivate your employees with fun activities at one major pseudo-Games event or throughout the day.

Be creative with the resources you have on hand and make events industry-specific. Work in an office? How about a swivel chair race? Factory space? Have teams race to see who can clean and pack down the fastest.

As always, ensure activities are safe and that the focus remains on work. Otherwise, you might regret bringing the Games into work in the first place!

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