How to attract more foot traffic to your business

By Greg Bell

The best store in the world will still fail if people never walk in the door.

Making your shop stand out can be difficult – particularly in an area like the Gold Coast that has so much competition – but there are steps you can take to improve your storefront and attract more customers.

Keep your storefront fresh …

Although it's sunny and beautiful here year round, you'll still want to make sure you change your window display regularly.

This is important for a few reasons. For one, it allows you to show off different products. In the midst of a winter rainy spell, for example, swap the mannequin in the window's bathers for a rain jacket and long pants. People buy things because they believe that item will enhance their life, so make sure you put things in the window that will be useful to those passing by.

Further, changing your window display sends the message that you're a fresh, exciting place to shop. Visitors might not notice, but you can be sure that those who walk by regularly will be put off your business if you've had the same window display for a long time.

You and your staff are likely busy, but if you want to attract more foot traffic, having a fresh storefront is key. Consider adding it to the closing or opening checklist every other week. If you have a staff member that is particularly creative, they'll likely welcome the task.

… and just as importantly, clean

Similarly, there's nothing less appealing than a storefront that's dusty, faded or just looks unclean in any way. If you don't spend take the time to make your store look good from the outside, why would the customers assume the interior is any different?

Tidying your storefront should be done as often as you'd clean the washrooms or vacuum the floor. When you do it, make sure you dust all materials, straighten out mannequins, displays and signs, and clean the glass inside and out.

Don't stop at the window

As a business owner, you'll also want to up your curb appeal in other ways.

If you're allowed, take it beyond the glass and display some of your inventory outside of your store. A sale rack in front of your store will definitely entice customers to come in and shop around further.

At home, you decorate the outside of your home to make it more attractive, so do the same at your business. Window boxes, planted flowers and a simple welcome mat will let customers know that you gladly welcome their business. This will go a long way in any business, but especially if you don't have a large window to work with.

Again, cleanliness is essential. Make sure you regularly check the front of your store for litter and sweep away any dirt or dust. Cigarette butts and trash left by pedestrians may not be your fault, but they have the potential to make your store less attractive anyway.

At Ray White Commercial Gold Coast, we know how much location affects your business' traffic. That's why we have several properties for business owners to lease or buy in some of the Gold Coast's busiest commercial areas. To find out more, reach out to a member of our expert team today.

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