How Gold Coast business is supporting the Games

By Greg Bell

Moving in to buy commercial real estate on the Gold Coast isn't just a move that can aid your company finances, it's a good way to boost the wider economy as well. By creating job opportunities and facilitating growth in nearby areas, you benefit a much larger community than just the one that comes through the door of your business.

This has been exemplified in a recent release from the Queensland government, which has underpinned the support local business is giving to the upcoming Commonwealth Games. 

Locals come together for new sports centre

Over in Coomera, 15 Gold Coast businesses are working on the new Indoor Sports Centre, which plays a pivotal role in the upcoming Games. It will host the finals of the gymnastics and netball competitions. The $40million centre was recently inspected by minister for the Commonwealth Games Kate Jones, who is pleased with the progress and community involvement going into the project.

"From earthworks and steel fabrication to waste removal and site security, Gold Coast businesses are benefiting from the construction of this world class venue," she noted in a 20 July media release.

"The venue will deliver much-needed sporting facilities for South East Queensland and will provide the community with infrastructure suited for a range of sports including netball, basketball, volleyball and gymnastics."

She referred to it as a "legacy project" adding that locals will be able to enjoy the facilities and infrastructure boosts from the work done here for years after the Games are completed. 

Local companies are putting up to 20,000 hours into pre-fabrication of steel for columns that will support the centre – just one example of the commitment to this event exhibited on a small scale. 

Many companies that take up industrial real estate on the Gold Coast are likely to be involved with such projects over the coming years. 

Large-scale growth anticipated

Marking 1,000 days until the Games open, Minister Jones recently commented on the sheer scale of growth that it will bring to the Gold Coast region. 

"We are exactly where we need to be in terms of preparation and budget for the Commonwealth Games – an event that will inject $2billion into the Queensland economy and generate around 30,000 jobs," she said. 

Anyone who currently owns a business in the area, from retail leasing on the Gold Coast to industrial businesses, could have a role to play in creating a fantastic environment for one of the world's largest sporting events. 

Tom Tate, mayor of the Gold Coast believes that investment won't just flow directly into the games themselves either. He thinks that sport, film and technology will all receive a boost from the event, giving a wide number of Gold Coast businesses the opportunity to partake. 

The buzz is building

It's not the first time the Gold Coast has hosted the Commonwealth Games, so the benefits for those living and working here are already known. The sheer volume of jobs to be created is enough to excite anyone here, further enhancing the region's status as an adventure and tourism hotspot on the global stage.

That many benefits have already flowed down to locals involved in industrial and other sectors is a testament to the community spirit that permeates through events like this. Owning commercial property on the Gold Coast affords business owners the opportunity to be part of an exciting and vibrant region. 

It is impossible to guarantee benefits from the Games for business owners here, but the established community involvement does highlight the excellent commitment the government has made to helping local companies be a part of something great. 

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