How do customer service and security relate in a commercial space?

By Greg Bell

Upgrading your commercial space to make it more attractive for potential tenants is an important part of staying financially viable in the commercial real estate world. Other owners of commercial spaces on the Gold Coast will be working hard to make their retail stores modern and fresh so businesses are lining up for a lease.

You should be doing the same. A major pain point for retailers is security, and that's something you can help with your commercial space. Security doesn't always come down to the building you're in, but it can play a big part. What can be done?

1. Improve internet connectivity

This might not seem relevant, but if you have better internet connectivity in your retail space, employees of your tenant will be able to monitor the store more effectively. Modern retailers are using tablets to keep track of what's going on in the store, including checking who's in the changing rooms and if they need assistance.

Staff don't need to stand outside the changing rooms waiting for someone who needs help – they can check a live status update of the area while on the shop floor, keeping an eye on potential shoplifting opportunities. What's more, 60 per cent of shoppers in the TimeTrade State of Retail 2017 survey said they'd be more confident about customer service in a store if they could see retail staff communicating with each other using tablets. Make that a possibility by installing necessary cabling to access high speed internet.

2. Install security doors

Security doors can help to keep shoplifters from making a quick getaway and alert staff when people enter the store. Connect the doors to the tablet monitors and every staff member will receive a notification when the doors open. This will help with their customer service as well as tracking who comes into the store.

Installing security doors might be expensive, but it can help to create a more appealing facade as well, so the returns may be worthwhile.

3. Provide building-wide security

Whether you own a single standalone store or a whole commercial building, as a property manager you should provide security for the entire space. That includes security guards stationed outside stores that require assistance, security cameras that monitor every part of a store or building, and a firewall for all internet-connected devices.

Installing a firewall can help to reduce the number of data breaches inside a retail operation. When customer data is hacked, it can wreak havoc on the entire business for weeks or months and give the brand a bad reputation. By removing the risk, or minimising it, you'll be doing a great service to your tenants.

For more ideas about how to help your retail tenants stay secure in your commercial space, get in touch with Ray White Commercial Gold Coast today.

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