How can you improve sustainability in Surfers Paradise commercial property?

By Greg Bell

Sustainability is a buzzword, but it is with good reason. Improving efficiency in terms of water and energy consumption can shave a significant amount off your bills, which can be especially useful if you're operating a Surfers Paradise industrial lease where costs can be high.

In fact, whether it's a beachside restaurant or large-scale office building, these bills can be considerable. What are some of the steps that can be taken to improve efficiency and, in turn, your cashflow?

The importance of going green

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) recently released a report on the number of building projects that took on their Green Star scheme in 2015. Across the year there were 218 certified projects, which was a 40 per cent boost on 2014.

"More than 530,000 Australians now work in Green Star-rated offices – that's 4.5 per cent of our total workforce," said GBCA chief executive officer Romilly Madew in the 16 December media release. On top of those who might be engaged in Gold Coast office leasing, there were 4,400 Green Star certified apartments and units, while the number of students in schools under this project reached 16,800.

From commercial property in Surfers Paradise to rural schools, it seems sustainability is the word. Some companies now even have more than a million square metres of floor space that is Green Star approved!

Reuse and recycle

Do you want to buy commercial real estate on the Gold Coast and renovate it for your use? One way forward could be to incorporate existing elements of the property. For example, down in Melbourne recently there was a feature on townhouse developments that used the heritage aspects of a piece of real estate in conjunction with plantation wood to construct a brand new set of dwellings, improving sustainability and appeal.

It might not be the easiest way forward, depending on what kind of commercial property you want to purchase. But it's one way you could keep it green. Consider what you already have, and how it can be adapted for your business use.

Work out your waste

If you're in Gold Coast industrial property, you might have a lot of excess waste that is difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, the local council has provisions for a wide array of waste that you can use. This could be drummed chemicals that need disposal, polystyrene or plastics that aren't biodegradable.

For example, Gold Coast Council clearly outlines its plans for expanded plastics on its website. These can be taken to landfill, but must be appropriately bagged and taped before transportation. If your business has a large amount of excess polystyrene, then  the council may even be able to reuse or recycle it so others can benefit. As with expanded plastics, there are specific requirements on taping, bagging and packaging this material before it is submitted for disposal.

Not every company has waste that can be disposed of efficiently, but local council provisions mean that when you lease commercial property on the Gold Coast, there are many options to keep your processes green.

Get the right information

Buying Gold Coast commercial property with a disposition towards green practices requires the right research and sound professional advice. If sustainability is your focus, get in touch with us here at Ray White Surfers Paradise. We have access to developments and existing properties with a wide range of focal points, and can get you into just the green-friendly real estate you need.

We're a busy part of the country, and keeping it green can be difficult. But with our help, a lot of the stress can be taken out of the process. 

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