How can Gold Coast bricks-and-mortar stores keep attracting customers?

By Greg Bell

If your Gold Coast commercial property relies on passing trade, it's crucial you understand what you can do to keep customers walking through your door. With online sales having increased substantially over recent years, bricks-and-mortar retailers have to up their game to ensure people cross the threshold. 

Part of the challenge is understanding what shoppers actually want from your store, so you can work out what is going to attract them. According to Insider Retail, visitors to physical stores now desire a shopping experience, want products they can take home right now, and many of them already know what they're buying before they walk in. 

So what can you do, outside, inside and online, to keep customers coming through your front door?

1) Provide attractive and informative signage

It's old news and maybe it sounds a little basic, but your shop front remains crucial to enticing customers through the door. The outside of your shop signals what shoppers can expect to find inside, and the level of quality. Signage is the first thing many people will notice, so make it easy to read, explicit but simple. If there's too much information, nobody will read it, but too little provides no reason for shoppers to head towards you.  

2) Create an eye-catching window display

Your window display gives customers an opportunity to eye up your products from the outside. A good window display could attract attention from across the street or persuade passers-by to stop for a moment and find out what you have to offer. Make it bright and attractive so they pay attention in the first place, and then ensure it provides a clear expression of what your business is about.

Also make sure to keep on top of window cleaning and general maintenance of your store front. No matter what's in the window display, no ones going to stop in amongst a pile of litter or try to look through grubby glass. 

3) Place bestsellers at the front of the shop

Some shops only place their end of line sale items by the front door. While you may attract customers in search of a bargain with this technique, you are also only advertising the old stuff you want to get rid of. 

Instead, put your bestsellers by the front door to attract as wide a range of customers into the store as possible. These items should also have a good profit margin, so they keep your business booming.

4) Make sure you're visible online

With so much information at our fingertips, how often do we turn to an internet search to find out where we can buy something? Make sure people nearby, who want something faster than they can get it by ordering online, know that you can solve their problems. 

Complete your Google listing so you appear on their map and customers can see your business hours and contact details. You can also make sure your sales and offers are advertised online, both to attract new customers and to engage repeat buyers.

5) Offer click-and-collect

Customers now expect speedy delivery when they shop online, say Inside Retail. While this may sound like a challenge for physical stores, a number of big-name brands in Australia are already leading the way in meeting the customer expectation of speed. Companies like Woolworths are now offering click-and-collect services, enabling shoppers to collect their wares shortly after purchase.

By offering click-and-collect, your customers can make their order from anywhere, then stop by to pick up. Once they're in your store, they may be persuaded to buy a couple of extra things, or at the very least make your shop look a little busier from the outside.

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