Honoured Gold Coast partnership good for future development

By Greg Bell

Maintaining natural resources is a crucial part of the future strength of the Gold Coast, with a number of different initiatives being undertaken across the region to help promote a safer, healthier and more productive environment for investment and growth. For example, one of the main partnerships the City of Gold Coast has is with the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management (GCCM), which develops research and training programs for the management of coastal resources – a major aspect of the Gold Coast's economy. 

This relationship was recognised earlier this week (26 November), with the partnership being awarded with The Ashley Goldsworthy Award for Sustained Collaboration between Business and Higher Education 2014. Acknowledging the two organisations collaborative work over the past 15 years, the award is a huge honour and highlights the strength of the region's economy and development – which could present a wonderful incentive for purchasing Surfers Paradise commercial property

GCCM director professor Rodger Tomlinson said the award offers some insight into the collaborative efforts of both organisations over the last few years, with the persistence and good will of each party being recognised and celebrated. 

"It acknowledges a shared view that you need solid and applied research to underpin sound management strategies. This is very exciting for the Centre and for Griffith University in general," said Mr Tomlinson, who said the GCCM has produced 165 collaborative research partnerships and more than $21million worth of federal, state and local government funding for the region since 1999. 

Furthermore, as a community group the GCCM has provided approximately 36,000 primary and secondary school children with various programmes and helped to engaged the local communities in a number of different research collaborations with institutions like the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the University of New South Wales.

Sustained beaches a great benefit for the Gold Coast

Speaking of keeping the Gold Coast sustainable, a recent release from the city council has offered some insight into strengthening environmentalism in the area. The iconic beaches of the area have been maintained over the year, with mayor Tom Tate thanking city staff and local community heroes for helping keep the healthy, happy standard expected from these popular spots.

"It's no easy task looking after Australia's best beaches, and it's a responsibility we take very seriously. I'd like to thank the many thousands of unsung local heroes who care for our beaches every day of the year, from local residents who pick up rubbish every time they step onto the sand, to the volunteer groups who care for our dunes, to the city staff including engineers, beach cleaners and lifeguards who all do their bit to make a difference," said Mayor Tate in a 27 November statement. 

"As a result of their efforts, the City's annual beach protection works and minimal storm impacts last year, the health of our beaches has improved and we are in a good position to better manage this summer's storm season."

Maintaining these spaces is important for a number of reasons, While the environmentalism factor is huge, the Gold Coast's beaches are also a major point of interest for tourism throughout the year – especially over the summer months. 

Therefore, providing a good attraction for people to come and spend their time on this summer will result in huge economic benefit for the region, which could be encouraging for owners of commercial real estate in Surfers Paradise. 

Get in touch with a local real estate agent to begin looking into the commercial options available to you throughout the Gold Coast region today. 

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