Gold Coast Airport and the legacy of the Commonwealth Games

By Greg Bell

In the wake of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, it's only natural that the Gold Coast seems a little bit quieter now the 100,000-odd visitors have returned home. To some, it might look as though the city will be returning to normal, but the truth is that the effects and legacy of the Games will continue to be felt for years and even decades to come. 

In this article, we'll be looking at a few of the ways that the 2018 Commonwealth Games' legacy will continue to impact and improve the Gold Coast, with a particular focus on the future of the city's airport. 

The Commonwealth Games' legacy

Looking back on what was the single biggest event in the history of the Gold Coast, one of the most obvious legacies of the Games is that it proved the city's ability to effectively handle a large-scale occasion. This creates a platform for the future, underlining the Gold Coast's suitability as a host and providing a blueprint for similar events – sporting or otherwise. As Kate Jones (the Minister for Innovation and Tourism Industry Development, as well as the Minister for the Commonwealth Games) explained in a recent media statement:

"The Games are proof that Queensland is among the best major sporting destinations on the globe. [After the Games] Queensland has the opportunity to meet with major international sporting federations to show why our state is the place to host world championships, world cups and multisport events. We have some of the best sporting venues in the world which we want to continue to benefit the state's economy for years to come."

For local businesses, this is fantastic news. Not only will more events in the vein of the Commonwealth Games provide increased revenue, the greater frequency of these occasions will make it possible to expand, whether that's by introducing new products and services or moving to a larger commercial space

In addition, one of the other key impacts of the Commonwealth Games is the infrastructure that it has left behind. Some of the most notable examples of this are new sporting venues and a better public transport system, with the $420 million light rail stage two project a standout that can only benefit the city by opening up new flows of customers to local businesses. 

Gold Coast Airport: The future

Finally, one of the most significant legacies of the Commonwealth Games is the improvements made to the Gold Coast Airport (GCA), which are only just getting underway. In the lead-up to the Games, a huge amount of planning was necessary to ensure the arrival of visitors was handled appropriately. This process was critical, not only shaping first impressions of the Gold Coast, but also acting as a litmus test for future events. 

All went perfectly to plan, with GCA chief operating officer Marion Charlton explaining to Australian Aviation that: "You don't often say textbook in the aviation industry but it just went so well. Hopefully that will be part of the legacy, the fact you pulled something off like that and you know you can do it again."

Of course, GCA's future is particularly bright thanks to the progress being made on Project Lift. The $340 million expansion to the airport's main terminal will prove vital if the Gold Coast is to build on the success of the Commonwealth Games and stake its claim to host even bigger and more successful events. This is in addition to an on-site hotel and a new instrument landing system (ILS), which will ensure the experience of every visitor who arrives in the Gold Coast is second to none. 

It's an exciting time for the city, and to find out more about the benefits to local businesses and how to take advantage of them with the right property, get in touch with Ray White Commercial Gold Coast today.

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