Games on the Gold Coast

By Greg Bell

While January is only just getting started, 2017 is already heating up to be spectacular for the Gold Coast. A number of events are set to take the year up a notch, as film festivals find their home on the Coast and the area prepares for the Commonwealth Games.

How this will affect commercial property leasing or the potential for buying commercial property seems to be obvious; everyone will want a slice of the pie when the games come to town. 

Games already set on drawing big numbers

Recently, Gold Coast 2018 unveiled its first inspirational television commercial, offering a glimpse into the multi-platform media campaign it hopes will sell the Commonwealth Games to Australia and the world.

According to Insidethegames, Gold Coast 2018 chairman, Peter Beattie, said the advertisement is the first major component of the Organising Committee's brand new Greatness Rarely Seen campaign, due to be rolled out in various forms over the coming 16 months.

"The concept is great, the images are atmospheric and they form a wonderful GC2018 call to action," Beattie said.

"It is our hope that everyone – every man, woman and child in the Commonwealth – gets swept up in the excitement," he finished. 

The launch of the ad, which was created by Kiosk Films and GPY&R, was attended by some of its starring athletes. Indeed, swimmer Brenden Hall (a three-time Paralympic gold medal winner), gymnast Rianna Mizzen, marathon runner Michael Shelley, gymnast Rianna Mizzen and over 40 others were present in the video.

Beattie closed by projecting positivity, and saying he is looking forward to many more milestones and challenges next year.

"Make no mistake, 2017 will define our ultimate delivery of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, but GOLDOC is more than up to the task and I for one can't wait to start another great year of hard work and achievement," he said.

To tip or not to tip

It seems everyone in the area is preparing for the upcoming influx of overseas visitors, and the Gold Coast is most aptly named. But with growing interest in the area over the next 12 months, some people are beginning to question our local hospitality. Namely, about tipping.

While tipping for service at restaurants and bars has long been common practice in the United States, attitudes are a lot more relaxed on the cruisy Gold Coast. But would introducing a tipping culture make a difference if patrons were expected to leave a 10 to 20 per cent tip?

According to The Gold Coast Bulletin, restaurateur Simon Gloftis believes so. 

"You wouldn't have staff packing up around you because they would want to make you so comfortable you tip them well," Glofits said.

"The customer's happy because they get great service, the staff are happy because they get more tips and the owner is happy because they're making more money and can put more staff on."

Gloftis believes that the labour costs in Australia are the cause of lower levels of service – as opposed to the United States where staff must work hard for their tips, or in other words, their livelihood. The GCB also reports that Gloftis believes our local service standard won't lower the area's reputation during the upcoming Commonwealth Games. 

"We are sort of happy to be here, it's a young place, people are genuinely excited to see you, smile at you, say 'hello, how are you?'.

"You have owners who care about the industry and are doing their best. The standards have massively increased," he said. 

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