Fast-tracked Gold Coast culture development highlights potential rise in tourism

By Greg Bell

One of the major influences of a growing economy is tourism. This is one of the most important aspects of many Australian economies, with natural resources, stunning views and exciting, vibrant cultures all appealing to both domestic and international visitors seeking adventure. Pushing for the future growth of a region's sense of cultural identity is a brilliant way to spark future tourism, which can work towards a growing degree of tourism in the region.

The Gold Coast council recently adopted a $1.2 million plan that invests in the development of home-grown talent, in an attempt to attract and foster renowned artists into the local communities. Over the next four years, Mayor Tom Tate said the region would see an overhaul in the sector, pushing for the creation of a future cultural course for the city. This could present a wonderful opportunity for investment in commercial real estate in Surfers Paradise, as the economy stands to benefit from future increases in tourism and economic growth. 

Making the most of upcoming opportunities 

Using the upcoming 2018 Commonwealth Games as a launchpad Mayor Tate said the trajectory from this event and the upcoming blast of tourism expected to come from the occasion needs to be harnessed and put towards reinventing the Surfers Paradise region as a new, creative hub in the Queensland state. 

"We don't want to borrow what others have done before us. We want to capitalise on what's fresh about the Gold Coast to create something that says who we are and where we've come from as a city.  Our unique cultural events, innovative ideas and artworks will define us, they will ignite our and the world's imagination," said Mayor Tate in a 20 August statement. 

"Ours is an innovative city with an entrepreneurial spirit – and that applies to arts and culture. This is a great opportunity to lead the way nationally by supporting artists to take risks, develop  new and sustainable business models and generate some of Australia's most leading edge cultural product."

There are a number of different initiatives that are expected to be undertaken as part of this cultural redevelopment, which could do wonders for the growth of the region. For example, in order to develop a flagship arts festival that uses the Gold Coast's distinct culture, funding up to the amount of $1,510,000 will be invested in the Bleach* festival over the coming years in order to cement it as an independent not-for-profit company owned by the City of Gold Coast. 

Further support for emerging festivals and the professional development of local artists and cultural practitioners is also at the heart of the growth. Pushing for these leaps forward is essential to the overall growth of the Gold Coast's culture, which in turn could have astounding results on the rising tourism numbers and trickle down into the local economy.

Pushing for future investment in the region

Gold Coast Strategic Advisor for Arts and Culture Robyn Archer said encouraging swift and strategic investment across the place would be key to elevating the region's cultural capacity and placing it on the world stage as a must-visit spot for art lovers from across the globe. 

"The Gold Coast is making all the right moves, starting with genuine ambition, to ensure that within a few years, the region will be able to confidently promote a rich cultural landscape to complement the historic appeal of sun and surf," said Ms Archer in a 20 August statement. 

With the development of the region being pushed forward with exuberant enthusiasm, the future of the Gold Coast looks bright. As the economy begins to shift into gear and grow, it could be worth investigating the potential for commercial development over the coming years. 

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