Excavation creates innovation on the Gold Coast

By Greg Bell

When it comes to commercial property for sale on the Gold Coast, bigger is more often than not better. We have huge amounts of fantastic industrial and retail real estate around the area that are in hot demand, and perfect for a business that wants to expand into one of the most popular parts of the country. 

Figures from Tourism Research Australia show that domestic overnight trips broke the 80million mark for the very first time in 2014, while in the 12 months to September last year there were 6.3 million international visitors to Australia – a new record. And with more than 12 million visitors to the Gold Coast every year according to 2011 Census data, we can lay claim to our fair share of tourist attractions. 

But as we said, bigger is better! That's why a new development from the City of Gold Coast and a hotel developer looks set to boost the appeal of our local region even further – perhaps providing you with the incentive to engage retail leasing on the Gold Coast and get your slice of the tourist dollar! 

Golden sand a golden opportunity

One of the most gorgeous parts of the Gold Coast is, as you might guess from the name, the rolling sands that stretch up and down the coast. And courtesy of a new development for a set of towers in Surfers Paradise, a lot of sand is being excavated and moved to the beach. 

Approximately 113,000 cubic metres of sand is being removed from the site of the Wanda Ridong Jewel – enough to fill Metricon Stadium! The Wanda Ridong Group has worked with the City of Gold Coast Council to shift this to Surfers Paradise Beach. It doesn't just top up tourists' preferred sunbathing spots, it also combats beach erosion.

According to a 19 May press release from the local government authority, there was $20million invested in coastline management and waterways across the 2014-2015 financial year. This latest shifting of sand is just one more reason that this part of the country is so attractive. Better beaches mean more people, which is more potential income when you buy commercial property on the Gold Coast. 

A jewel in more ways than one 

Speaking in the 19 May press release from the City of Gold Coast, the Wanda Ridong Group's Gold Coast Development Director of Sales and Marketing Andrew Bampton noted how important it was that this large commercial and residential development helped the region every way that it could.

"As the first development with direct beach access in around 30 years, Jewel has on-site experts to make sure our control measures are second-to-none, including constant monitoring and frequent inspections," he stated.

The $970million development won't just be benefiting our beaches, of course. There will be 500 apartments and 171 hotel rooms, as well as a specialised shopping precinct. This could offer some ideal opportunities for retail leasing on the Gold Coast. 

With three beautiful towers created in a crystalline design, it should prove to be a huge boost for Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast region. Contributing to the coastal management of this area means that even those who don't have real estate here can enjoy a revitalised beachfront area. 

Tourism generates almost one fifth of revenue here, which means commercial property for sale in Surfers Paradise is likely to be a lucrative investment. Of course, it's important to find the right piece of real estate for your business. That's where we come in. At Ray White Surfers Paradise we have a wealth of experience matching people to their ideal commercial real estate – come have a word with us today. 

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