Does the property owner have to manage office space amenities?

By Greg Bell

Does your commercial office space building offer amenities? If not, it may be time to consider how to make your property more competitive when it comes to leased office space. With long work hours and more time spent at the office, amenities can make the difference between tenant and workers hating the workplace and being enthused about their surroundings.

What amenities can you offer in your office building?

Some of the simplest amenities may be the most appealing to tenants. Shower and locker rooms, lounges, dining areas and conference rooms can all raise the value of your office property. You may also consider options for bike storage and repair, dry cleaning pick up and delivery, fitness centers, child and pet care or even a swimming pool.

Companies that care about their employees' well-being and productivity seek spaces that nurture them, and your building can supply the solution. If their employees can have needs met while working long hours or weekends, they will be willing to pay more for their lease and are likely to stay longer as workers will become accustomed to the luxuries amenities can provide.

Who is responsible for amenity upkeep?

Most amenities in office buildings are meant for communal use, which means it can be difficult to assign the task of maintenance to tenants. If you install a cafe, you may source the running and management of it out to a third party, so they would handle that end of things. A fitness center might likewise be run by a franchise or a independent contractor.

However, keeping conference rooms, lounges and other shared spaces clean, safe and operable will ultimately be your responsibility as property owner. It is likely that your property manager will attend to this as part of their service in tandem with the janitorial team.

Who is financially responsible for amenities?

Again, as property owner you have the responsibility to pay for amenities and upkeep, but the good news is that those costs can be fed down to occupants in the form of higher leases. You can typically command a higher fee for a space in a building that offers opportunities for happier, healthier and more productive employees. By providing amenities, you'll attract high-quality long-term tenants who will be appreciative of the extras that come with the space.

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