Development of Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct good for future growth

By Greg Bell

There are a huge number of developments taking place across the Gold Coast, as the region continues to work towards developing a strong economy to last well into the future. With the Commonwealth Games being held in the area in 2018, the need for more infrastructure has become a key concern for everyone involved in the future of the Gold Coast. Luckily, the future training of medical professionals in the area is being facilitated by the generation of the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct. 

Announced earlier this year, this staple of development in the Gold Coast aims to provide an integrated location for learning and innovation in the area, with spaces for a wide range of different organisations to take a stake in the area. Sectors including health, science, academia, innovative thinking and research will find somewhere to call home, which could offer those interested in purchasing commercial real estate in Surfers Paradise a wonderful location to set up shop. 

The area is already home to the Gold Coast University Hospital, which offers young professionals the proper training and experience needed to assume their role in the health sector. With a $1.76 billion price tag, the University Hospital is already proving it's worth in the local community, giving students a world class education in the Gold Coast. Furthermore, the $150 million Griffith Health Centre nearby the University Hospital helps to centralise the entire precinct and offers facilities for a number of different uses. 

How will the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct help the future of Surfers Paradise? 

According to a whitepaper about the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct, the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct will help to diversify the Gold Coast economy as well as generate jobs in the area by attracting investment from businesses. The blank canvas and growing strength of the precinct makes it the perfect spot for people to consider investing in their own Surfers Paradise commercial property in the near future, especially with the growth of the area still going. 

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg said the portfolio's budget of $13.6 billion represents an increase of 18.6 per cent since 2011/12. Having access to high-quality healthcare is an important part of maintaining the Gold Coast's high standard of living. 

"We promised more for frontline services. This is $96 million transferred from administration to health services across the state. New and expanded services will include orthopaedics, radiation oncology, mental health services, urology, respiratory medicine, dialysis, endoscopy and allied health services," said Mr Springborg in a 3 June statement. 

"In 2014-15, 155 new and replacement ambulances will be commissioned and an extra 100 ambulance officers will be recruited. Following the success of a recent trial, a low-acuity paramedic service will be rolled out in the Townsville, Metro South, Metro North and Gold Coast areas." 

Furthermore, across the state there will be a rolling out of new and expanded children's health services, helping to treat allergies, obesity, paediatric renal treatment and specialist adolescent services to keep the youth fit and healthy. 

These developments are much needed considering Queensland saw a record number of patients admitted to hospitals over 2013/14. Mr Springborg said a huge 1.1 million people were admitted over the year, which highlights the growing need for more health care services. 

With these figures expected to grow as the population increases, now could be a great time to consider investing in your own commercial property in Surfers Paradise near to these health care developments. There is the potential to secure a return on your investment, allowing you to give back to the local Gold Coast community

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